09/26/2020 03:01

$Workhorse Group good luck seeing 30 Or more til end of year
Workhorse Group-0
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All Comments(12)

Moon Maan09/26/2020 23:17
Is that supposed to be from a real article? Lmao! Noone in journalism would make that many grammatical errors. lol. You should go back to high school. Maybe even middle school. Learn how to speak English.


Scootie09/26/2020 12:01


odo***com09/26/2020 08:14
Please please please short this stock. Because when the USPS contract is announced in favor of WKHS, that makes the squeeze all that much SWEETER


JandT7409/26/2020 03:39
I also called out the hige pullback and calling out this one endnof next week when everyone dont get that contract news good luck holdin those bags

cptspank09/26/2020 05:47

it goes down ill buy more....np and hold looking forward to shorts getting them in a short squeeze vice. TSLA squeeze took 12 billion from the shorts. Even though it won't happen...it is a nice fantasy.

Grb***com09/26/2020 05:29

who cares if it goes down next week? it is still going to spike when they get the contract. GTFOH


JandT7409/26/2020 03:38


602****07009/26/2020 03:37
This guy is a straight up fool. Stay on the outside or if you are shorting this stock then your a bigger fool then I originally thought.

Ern***com09/26/2020 04:04

lmaooooo this guy. fucking troll

JandT7409/26/2020 03:40

I see youre in phoenix too maybe we meet and see how foolish i am


tias2309/26/2020 03:20
Theyll get paid before they make the trucks dude


FadedPolo09/26/2020 03:17
Youre delusional lol


breadman09/26/2020 03:10
lmao. they are already in nova. 🤣🤣🤣


ACheetoDustParticul809/26/2020 03:08
Thats when they will roll them out... not when they Award the contract. READING COMPREHENSION. remember they have to MAKE all the trucks AFTER they are awarded... otherwise theyd have a few hundred thousand mail vans designed and modeled for a company that didnt pay for them laying around lol. its gonna take time to get 200,000 vans on the road.🙄🙄 would you make a full order of trucks for someone if you dont know they will pick you as the person to have make them in the first place and/or pay you...no you wouldnt. you need confirmation before you make a ton of vans


Grb***com09/26/2020 03:06
that's when they will start having trucks on the road, the contract will be awarded well before then

Met***com09/26/2020 11:35

Yes by 10/12/2020


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