09/28/2020 16:31

$Lordstown Motors incase anyone forgot who owns the Endurance $Lordstown Motors Lordstown Motors. $Workhorse Group love you but this isnt about you.
Workhorse Group-0
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the***com09/29/2020 09:51
wow ur on top of things huh!! hey hang in there little buddy, u might figure it out one day😊👍


dan***com09/28/2020 16:53
except this is about workhorse because they
own 10% .. research before sounding like a moron

Alvi09/28/2020 16:59

They dont own 90%. Ive done my DD i know whats up. The simole fact is that the umbilical cord needs to be cut so that one company doesnt bring Down the other. They are not synonymous with one another.


imb***com09/28/2020 16:51
he'll yea!


Alvi09/28/2020 16:47
So that no one miss interprits me: im fully vested in both companies, they make up a big portion of my portfolio. All im saying is let Lordstown Motors have their day, and let Workhourse have their day when we get the contract.

Alvi09/28/2020 16:55

Riiight. They are not saimese twins. Last thing anyone wants Is to have either one of the companies breIng the other one down if one of them doesnt do well. Ie contract doesnt go through (but hope it does)

ACheetoDustParticul809/28/2020 16:50

You can hope it would be that way but the market does what the market does man🤷🏼‍♂️.


Dare Gug09/28/2020 16:43
I agree wkHs truly does not have 10% they have royalties On the few few truck built Biv deal that nothing WKhs also caries 10% of debt load ehich the royalites will cover thus they have nothing
So do your DD snd quit hopping someone else will mske up the dhort comings of $Workhorse Group


Mate09/28/2020 16:42
just bc theyre getting gains, doesnt mean its taking it away from us so relax


Skip33609/28/2020 16:39
Trump cant be to direct in his relationship with WKHS being that the CEO is a major campaign contributor of his. He has to show indirect support for them so that it doesnt look like a conflict of interest once the contract is announced. I know how politics are played, over 20 years of experience.


sdjohnnyt09/28/2020 16:35
Oh Alvi


jrgulloa09/28/2020 16:35
If Lordstown Motors does well so does Workhorse since Workhorse has a 10% equity stake in Lordstown Motors.


King D09/28/2020 16:34
10% earnings without having to move a muscle... that's why wkhs benefits


ACheetoDustParticul809/28/2020 16:34
Workhorse made that truck and sold it to them essentially... they also own 10% stake in Lordstown and Have a deal Where they make 1% on their first 200K trucks sold... so yeah its about Workhorse and Lordstown

D Rod 09/28/2020 22:20

NONE of this matters because they all will be under one ticker soon and that's what's up!

ACheetoDustParticul809/28/2020 16:46

Workhorse gave them the Intellectual property and design for the truck. If the truck does good, more money for WKHS. Theres also contract hype for any day soon that it could be announced. Sorry DPHC isnt doing better than WKHS but its the way it goes right now🤷🏼‍♂️.

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