09/30/2020 00:18

$Workhorse Group I hate to break it to everyone, but 10/12 is not the deadline to award the contract. The 90 day time from is when the RFP (request for propasal) expires. This is when any negotiations officially end.
Workhorse Group-0
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All Comments(12)

Fer***com10/01/2020 17:47
did ark remove WKHS?

Grb***com10/01/2020 17:51

wrong ETF, ARKQ is the one with WKHS holdings


Tallsalesman10/01/2020 17:29
“Begin negotiations”

Grb***com10/01/2020 17:32

right, and those negotiations end on 10/12. nothing says they have to award the contract by then. again, reading comprehension


Grb***com09/30/2020 01:16
@scootie BIDS DUE 7/14, idiot


Grb***com09/30/2020 00:41

Tallsalesman10/01/2020 17:30

CorrEct deadline was july 14 for thAt now they are negotiating


Rell Billion09/30/2020 00:37


Grb***com09/30/2020 00:31
the only thing happening 90 days from bid deadline is the RFP expiration. nothing says they have to award the contract by then.


ntr***com09/30/2020 00:29
I wouldn't be surprised if they extended the deadline and then announced the winner as soon as the shorts sell off.


WolfOnWebull09/30/2020 00:29
lol its October 12th these people lol will do anything to try and short this

thebagholdersdotcom09/30/2020 21:52

really? on Columbus day....don't be an idiot

Frost S09/30/2020 00:38

TheIr trying to crash it to bough in ( this is the biggest watch stock)

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nde***com09/30/2020 00:27
there is updated version to this post, with dates , Oct 12th is the end of 90 days , but they can and extend the deadline, as it states in last sentence

Grb***com09/30/2020 01:11

christ can anyone read? the bids were due July 14th, RFP expires 90 days later

Scootie09/30/2020 00:58

The deadline for the RFP was in July numb nuts. the deadline to SELECT A BID is 90 days after the BID (NOT RFP) is submit.

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MikeyVinny5809/30/2020 00:26
doesn't mention WKHS you rere

Grb***com09/30/2020 00:28

it says the NGDV which is the contract WKHS is bidding on. this is why reading comprehension is important.


Grb***com09/30/2020 00:20
time frame*


917malpractice09/30/2020 00:19
Definitely going to tank tmrw

Frost S09/30/2020 00:43

Go play with Genius you no brain 🧠 monkeY

Grb***com09/30/2020 00:21

definitely not tanking, the contract is coming eventually


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