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11/12/2020 18:29

$Workhorse Group hey guys I'm calling for another discussion between bears and bulls on this company I'm very short-term bullish long-term let's talk about this contract that they may get tomorrow and keep it civil no name calling no making fun of anyone here's why I don't think they'll get the contract Read comments
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Cor***com11/12/2020 18:43
stocks only go up


Solas11/12/2020 18:41
here's my opinion.

make money....

I'm rich biaaaatchhhhh


breadman11/12/2020 18:38
don't care. buy low sell high. as long as it doesn't trade sideways, I'm happy.


Red market best market11/12/2020 18:35
and the reports that came back from UPS was not positive on how they had to rush manufacturing the vehicles and skipping all the safety functions of it they were displeased with the vehicles that they got and they gave them a longer time frame to fix the problems with their vehicles you can look this up this actually happened. but like I said I'm not here to make anyone sell I'm not here to make anyone buy just for here for a discussion if I'm wrong I'm wrong I'll be happy to take a l but I'm profitable so I'm sitting on the side


Red market best market11/12/2020 18:34
first this is why I believe it won't get the contract I get the fact that everyone believes Biden will help EV companies and is going to fund workhorse but wkhs has a really big debt that's pushing a billion dollars at this point yeah they raise some capital but they need more than that they have been around since '07 and has always had financial problems they bought lonetime motors and I don't know why they bought that for $300,000,000 plus we're really aggravates me with the company is that the production volume is so low .you are telling me out of the whole year you only made seven vehicles that is insane and their competitor which is linked to Ford I feel like they have a better chance if they make EV

Red market best market11/12/2020 18:46

on the other hand that's been me the whole time I've been shorting it since 30 bucks made my calls when I knew was going to break resistance

Solas11/12/2020 18:43

follow the market nostradamus

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