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11/13/2020 10:35

$Kandi Tech Grp Do not judge the car based on its looks but rather the convenience it offers to the general public. People are interested in cars with AFFORDABLE prices and that’s exactly what KNDI has to offer. Partnering with multiple battery Chinese tech companies as strategy to soon compete with its peers. I anticipate more models are in development and are already authorized to sell their current 2 models/vehicles in the USA as well as in China. Undervalued stock with tons of potential just look what happened with NIO who was just recently in a similar boat

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👉👌11/13/2020 11:34
Common people in China are drawn to value, reliability, and low cost of ownership. Appearance is of little importance.


Fer***com11/13/2020 11:33
No one likes a street golf cart .... tsla upppp


💎MidWestTrader💎11/13/2020 11:32
Idk anout yall but i see those little smart cars EVERY WHERE in ohio. And i seen them even more in the bigger cities. People will buy these. not everyone enjoys a big bulkY car. there are people who like the smaller cars.


FinancialPeace11/13/2020 11:15
Coming from an engineer, the problem is it looks like only engineers worked on this. You need artistic people aka designers to help build a more appealing car. Check out model 3 affordable and stylish.


DrWright11/13/2020 11:03
that's good and all but nio and this stock are not the same or similar. people flocked to nio and continued buying day after day because its basically backed/owned by the chinese government which means a ton of people and power to make sure it succeeds.

at least come up with something to prop up and entice people that sounds reasonable


LazyPanda11/13/2020 10:49
appearance matter when it come to car...


bull11/13/2020 10:47
affordability is 🔑


nim***com11/13/2020 10:43
food delivery, pot delivery, meter maids... you wont see these as personal cars


wwwCarbonDioxideRecyclers11/13/2020 10:38
so appearance doesn't matter? you'd think that a car engineering company would come up with a good appearance.


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