11/14/2020 01:42

$NIO Inc. Yes NIO will lose some market share due to Tesla price cuts. With that being said, here are some positives to keep in mind. They are working on a 150 kWh battery (double current range) and developing in house chips for items ADAS system. They also reported a 100% increase in deliveries last month. I definitly they have long term potential in this rapidly growing EV market. Feel free to share your thoughts guys.

Some data screen shots..

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Tyj***com11/17/2020 12:36
thought this was comments for fuv?


strongman 11/14/2020 17:21
those all ev companies is extremely overvalued, only thing can help them, autonomous driving!!!
autonomous driving is 90% of their valuation, 5% maybe battery technology, 5% is car production ability.
making car and selling isn't much profitable,
for example, GM makes 10 millions cars, 150 bn annually revenue , but it makes only 7% profit from all revenue.
ev cars are even less profitable.
the only hope is service( TaaS- transportation as a service) if these companies able to build autonomous car fleets, they can worth their current valuation in far future. otherwise they are " GP - gold plated"

Rco***com11/15/2020 22:39

The biggest part is clean energy lol youR wrong


BullsOnParade11/14/2020 15:01


Stock Monkey11/14/2020 04:56
hey yo hot dog. Why not go spam somewhere else? and tell your mom I said hi

NickBog90111/15/2020 01:17



bob***com11/14/2020 02:08
100% of a few thousands is still going to be underwhelming. The quarter they are reporting on will have nothing amazing in it. NIO will climb over the next year for these reasons, but this run up was astronomical and the valuation is ridiculous.

NickBog90111/14/2020 02:17

The run up was nuts! I made a good bit on calls these past months.


Karen11/14/2020 01:55
You forgot about Tesla reputation in China. They dislike Tesla service. Nio design 10x better looking cars too, they offer great service too. You will find Out Im right about it someday Soon.

Djd***com11/16/2020 03:09

Tell them Karen

rac***com11/14/2020 07:27

karen sound like bot

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Lop***com11/14/2020 01:46
Youre just mad it crashed today china is communis they control the media the lies everything they can be lying about that too

jam***com11/14/2020 03:01

it didnt crash people took profit and as well as the media of course could have had something to do with it

NickBog90111/14/2020 01:49

I have no stake in NIO my man. we got an angry little elf over here.


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