01/08/2021 01:33

$Hyliion Holdings Corporation I called out this when it was 15.8 last week that we will retest 19/20 soon.

now, we just got a news that 98.5% of people exercised their warrants. reason is that they believe the company would do really well in the near future. therefore, we might see it breaks the 19/20 tmr if we had enough volumes and go to 25+ next week.

I also called out $Workhorse Group last Thursday when it was 19 that it will retest the 25 and now it is sitting at 27+. how high can it goes from now? Idk, but it would not go back down anytime soon. sell it for profit or ride it with the USPS contract is all on you because we all got in at 19.

Note: $Hyliion Holdings Corporation Get some positions ASAP before it breaks the 20 and go to 25+ next week (highly possible) or at least put them on your watch list.

$Workhorse Group : Put on your watch list and added position if any dipped.

$AT&T : good dividends play on 1/8. just need to hold passed tmr and we will receive juicy 💰 🤑

GL to all the bulls and we know we gonna have a good day tmr as well.

$NIO Inc. $TESLA $XPENG INC. $Li Auto Inc. $CleanSpark
Hyliion Holdings Corporation-0
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Vegas Moneyman 01/08/2021 03:14
You needed to own ATT today to get the dividend. Buying tomorrow is too late.


NIOUNTIL202201/08/2021 02:00
skunk stock

sky***com01/08/2021 02:09

I feel sad for people like you. very uneducated.


Caleen01/08/2021 01:43
What do you think is a good entry point for tomorrow?

sky***com01/08/2021 01:52

from the current bull looks, it might shoot up fast or it might pull back a little before it goes higher. the choice is your. I just want to share a good stock to put on your list and you can decide whether or not it's good a time to buy in. I'm holding my shares strong and waiting for it to print. 😉


jjp***com01/08/2021 01:42
well if they didn't exercise the warrants they would go worthless. it doesn't mean they believe in hyliion.

Ben01/08/2021 03:16

Good point

sky***com01/08/2021 01:47

I know you're bearish on the stock, but would you choose to put more money to exercise your warrants if you don't trust in the company? I personally not and I don't think those 98.5% is any different.


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