05/05/2020 20:43

$SCWorx Corp Set your shares to $14 or so in the morning before the day opens. then readjust when you are going to sell at whatever price. this will help you to defend against the shorts.
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ave***com05/06/2020 13:55
Its on a T12 halt now, i doubt you want to buy into that, if it ever trades again

Gray4805/09/2020 05:17

I can tell you have no Clue what your talking about. the T12 halt is being held up by WORX themselves. the company will trade again. you sound like the typical shorter putting out negative info... but thanks for stopping by and commenting.. :)


ave***com05/05/2020 22:22
Idk if i want to do that lol, this dropping like a r rock tomorrow and im not really confident it will recover


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