Kill Alldrugdealers

11/19/2020 09:53

$Waitr Holdings Inc The stock market is a tool for schemers to steal money froM 401ks. when that dries up they steal from the elderly or taxpayers.

Every chart For every stocK moves the same way. every chart is painted by mm. catalysts dont have anything to do with anything its just theater. These people have supercomputers. They know exactly how much money a company will make. i could use that stimulus money but at least its affecting the bottom line for sudden pelosi critics like wolf blitzer. I hope all these mm and their cronies:, Company boards, seC, politicians, lawyers , judges, these millions of “geniuses” who cant solve one problem, are deleted from existance. literally not one negative would come from these people fucking off. people can govern themselves and they already do because the government is fucking useless.
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All Comments(6)

205****11911/19/2020 13:01
“Every chart for every stock moves the same way”. Wow you really have the market figured out, bet you’re making a killing...


InvesDing11/19/2020 12:07
Praise all drug dealers


Donald Trump11/19/2020 11:12
I tried to help you guys but they cheated me too


cha***com11/19/2020 10:29
so....trade your own money...NEVER take part in 401K. Ever.

And you'll be just fine :)


Ste***com11/19/2020 09:59
Some conspiracy theory but AMEN brother lol

Kill Alldrugdealers11/19/2020 10:06

Its not theory its fact


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