11/12/2020 12:37

$WESTWATER RES I thought this might help some traders, Ill probably get shit like “you dont know anything, To the moon!” Lol but here ya go..I see a lot of traders avg down early and its a mistske I hsed to make all the time. Dont just keep avg down on the downtrend, let it bottom out and test its most recent support, which currently it looks like 4.30, stronger in the .20s tho. Check the chart out, when supports and resistances are getting lower and lower on the downtrend just Know were looking Bearish, so paiTiently wait, dont throw all your money At a ticker on the way DOWN.
Disclaimer: The comments, opinions and analysis expressed herein are for informational and educational purposes only and shoulk not be considered as individual investment advice or recommendations. Webull is not responsible or liable in any way for comments posted by pur users.


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All Comments(10)

Don Julio11/12/2020 14:19
depends on what time you watching the 1min, 15, and 30 minute charts show it stable with the upper rising it's only the 5 minute and 4hr show a down trend

OwenTrades11/12/2020 23:01

I use all time Frames. I definitely do not use anything above a 5min when reading INTRADAY support/resistances.


Don Julio11/12/2020 14:18
couldve just added the Boll to your pic

OwenTrades11/12/2020 23:00

If i wanted it to go down Id be considered a Bear, not a *Bull


Ros***com11/12/2020 13:27
bro you do know webull has chart tools right


Sic***com11/12/2020 12:44
Thank u for a factual comment we need more of these to get this moVing the other way


JENN11/12/2020 12:42
I loaded more at 4.33 😬 but damn if it does go to 4.1

OwenTrades11/12/2020 12:43

Dec support in the .30s. We could def bounce off that


Big spikes11/12/2020 12:41
This is great advise i have learned the hard way


Ringo90611/12/2020 12:41
i sold and what he says is true. i am slowly reloading my shares. this is the same exact pattern so far as pm two days ago. i am looking for 4.20s before i go big again for another 20% run. 🤞


OwenTrades11/12/2020 12:40
No Lol ive got an avg at 5.50. Im bullish im just being real about where this is heading. Low 4s


Señor Glasshands11/12/2020 12:39
the pile of shit sitting in my toilet is more legible than that

OwenTrades11/12/2020 12:40

lol couple typos cmon you can read that. Put your thinking cap on


Swiftwind11/12/2020 12:38
did you sell? cause your posting bearish shit now


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