11/17/2020 01:16

$WESTWATER RES I was bagholding for weeks and finally sold last friday at $4.10 then i jumped to nio to make some money back on a day trade and nio crashed then this blows up... could have been up 2,000 . Ive been watching this stock for months now i believe we will run up tomorrow but sell off on wednesday make sure to take your profits before your bagholding like me lolol
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tjs***com11/17/2020 03:39
I did excatly just that😹


Inittowinit11/17/2020 02:29
Never look back it hurts more ibhad 7oo at 2 and sold for 3 Back in now wat at 4.19 averaged upntoday


Moneybags Peterson11/17/2020 01:50


Tommy O11/17/2020 01:44
Got your $2000 right here!


Brooklynboy3011/17/2020 01:23
Plz dont get in ! U are so unlucky !

Truk11/17/2020 01:27



Ben***com11/17/2020 01:22
IM me before your next move so I can do the opposite 🤣

$wade11/17/2020 01:29

I got you lmao


dee***com11/17/2020 01:17


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