11/20/2020 21:21

WOW WHAT A WEEK! We ALL murdered it today, all of the traders in our group did! I missed out on some massive runners by retaining my title of king of selling early, and im okay with that.

$Dicks Sporting swing call hit 225% today (I gave that one for free to webull!)
$AYRO, Inc. smashed that today stock scalps
$WESTWATER RES smashed that for scalps today!
$Entercom Comm nice little slow moving beaut we smashed today stock scalps
$Kaixin Auto Holdings was alerted nicely by the wizard @synthtrade1@gmail who is always 1 step ahead of me no matter what i do πŸ˜‚

$TELADOC HEALTH obliterated calls and a nice quick put this morning
$XPENG INC. call printing machine
$ZOOM VIDEO swing has been printing!
$$Peloton Interactive Inc the stonk that only goes up, swings hitting big and scalps too
$Electrameccanica Vehicles Corp quick little put on that citron target for baby gains
$Palantir Technologies Inc. quick little call sclap this morning for baby gains

Just another day in paradise. Fridays are my favorite day! Killed it this week as always, I hope you guys did too! My running total since 10/1/20 for alerts is 159-20-5 and in the last 2ish weekS im officially forever 50/50 stocks and options, with 26 stock scalps/swings and 34 option scalps/swings. Running total all time is 405-49-11 or 87%+. Emaill my Usernamee if youd like to see us live!
#Options Trading #WEBULL TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY #Stock Selection Strategy #NASDAQ TotalView
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All Comments(22)

Reiko11/22/2020 10:53
Can i get in on the Group new to trading

Ginglet@yahoo11/22/2020 14:41

Absolutely! Email mY username. We also offer cheap classes and 1v1s to help you avoid mistakes and learn to be self sufficient as well


sonde11/21/2020 04:24
that group is family. not at all a scam whatsoever. I got an 1100% runner last week from a call i took from one of their traders. and plenty of other great calls. I mess up almost every time i go rogue. Im trying to stay as close to theIr calls as possible. great group and ive learned a lot from them.

Ginglet@yahoo11/21/2020 17:10



Golden-Goose.gold11/21/2020 02:39
Wow, so much hate. We have over 6 traders, if you don't like someone, mute their channel. Someone got upset that Ginglet played a put when they had calls, now they are launching an attack on Webull lol. Seriously folks, grow up.

Ginglet@yahoo11/21/2020 02:54

And both parties won so i dont get what the big deal is!


jer***com11/21/2020 01:51
Is this an imposter Peggy?

Ginglet@yahoo11/22/2020 14:42

Nah she is a good options trader


Dilly Dilly11/21/2020 00:58
You guys have a group??

Ginglet@yahoo11/21/2020 01:39

Yep email my username!


717****95711/21/2020 00:00
How do i join your group

Ginglet@yahoo11/21/2020 00:02

Email my username!


HODL11/20/2020 23:02
Honestly, been trading for 20 months and lost thousands. Since working with Ginglet, been positive for weeks. His stats reflect the amount of time and research this guy puts in for everyone in that group. Thanks for everything so far bro. keep it up πŸ’ͺ aka brisket lol

Ginglet@yahoo11/21/2020 17:12

@Nauman Tahir email my username

Nauman Tahir11/21/2020 00:05

how we i join ur grp..do u Hve telegram or whatsapp?

View all 3 replies


290**47011/20/2020 22:35
massamel is a thief, do not join this scam group

Golden-Goose.gold11/21/2020 03:34

Massamel is not a thief, he has actually been stolen from twice now. I know him personally and trust him. Don't believe everything you read in comments unless you have personal experience in the matter to confirm the accusations.

Detroit John11/20/2020 23:06

How is he or it a scam? I'm on and no scams so far πŸ€”

View all 3 replies


290**47011/20/2020 22:35
worst group

Detroit John11/20/2020 23:06

What's wrong with it? Seems to be good so far

😎11/20/2020 23:02

What happened


290**47011/20/2020 22:34
golden goose scam group


290**47011/20/2020 22:34
u r just pumping this to ur members scammer


290**47011/20/2020 22:33
no one has so many wins...show screenshot scammer

Golden-Goose.gold11/21/2020 03:36

Fake accounts with zero points, comments, follows, or followers, seems legit πŸ€”

HODL11/20/2020 22:56

ginglet don't worry about this troll

View all 4 replies


290**47011/20/2020 22:33
u mean scamming group run by thief massamel who stole 6k from next level trader...

Golden-Goose.gold11/21/2020 03:36

Not true, ask Legacy.

Ginglet@yahoo11/20/2020 22:34

Idk what that means but okay lol


Peggy11/20/2020 22:22
Golden goose is awesome I never said it wasnt let me correct that just Gig needs More training and stop settling for small scalps


Smitty11/20/2020 22:10
The Goose is on the Loose. Sorry all you haters but it really is a great group. For learning, calls, or whatever you want to get out of it. Cheers Ginglet


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