Hennesy XO

11/20/2020 23:11

$WESTWATER RES Shelf offering is not direct or public offering. That only give them less paper work if they decide to offer in the future. They know that there stock price will increase tremendously that is why they are doing this.
1. File share offering
2. Massive PR ->massive increase in share prices
3. Maybe offering at 20-30, not at 6ish.
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TonyMedina DONT SELL11/20/2020 23:20
That sounds about right. πŸ‘


Trav92511/20/2020 23:16
Thank you some 1 with sence major pr coming the using the offering filled today

ree***com11/20/2020 23:34

Yea what they know is as soon as that pilot plant works and can start producing, they'll have a signed contract. he hinted real strong at it on the call.

Trav92511/20/2020 23:22

For sure my avg is high wont lie but ive seen this before even with Tesla i wont panic πŸ₯‚ to the gains we both shall have

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Sic***com11/20/2020 23:12
What do u expect as of right now honestly new to all of this and very nervouS

jua***com11/21/2020 00:00

don't sell unless you need the πŸ’° and don't let people scare you, know what you own this is a long term.Good luck.

Hennesy XO11/20/2020 23:14

Hang tight, don’t be scared.


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