05/27/2020 02:40

$Nano Dimension This stock is similar to $XPRESSPA GROUP. XSPA was around 16 cents in March when i bought it. I held it through when it jumped up to 70 cents because of news that they may be testing at airports, but then dropped back down to the 40 cent range bc the news came and gone. Then last week they signed a contract with JFK, jumping the share close to $1. Same thing is happening here that happened with XSPA. The bears and shorts were out, saying the company will get delisted for non-compliance, it will fall to under 10 cents, ect, ect... It’ll happen here. Weak hands leave, they dont want to stick around, bears and shorts take advantage and put out negative comments. If you did your DD, then you know what youre holding is gold when Nano decides what to do with their newfound tech (buyout, contracts, sales, etc.) Just be patient and Hold.
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⌚💎🇺🇸Rolex615🇺🇸💎⌚05/27/2020 03:32
$$Nano Dimension Too many new investors... which WE welcome all! But these guys have to stop listening to all these wanna be Warren buffets. This stock is doing what a stock like this does! the whole market reacts to news and rumors. Kids this is one of those stocks that will never be a penny stock ever again once they secure contacts and very likely a buyout. There is not much more breakthroughs in technology that we can reach. this is NANO technology at it's best. And stop for a second and look around you... HOW MANY ELECTRONICS DO YOU SEE AROUND YOU? I LOVE DAY TRADING AS MUCH AS THE NEXT GUY, BUT THIS ONE OF THOSE COMPANIES THAT YOUR GONNA BE HEARING ABOUT THE REST OF YOUR LIFE... OR THE COMPANY THAT BUYS THEM OUT. DON'T MISS OUT! 💎☝️

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OnlyUpFromHere05/27/2020 03:01
you telling us to hold this or nano

m.t***com05/27/2020 04:24

what do you think about the 1/50 reverse split for #NNDM ? would you sell before the split or hold ?

hoLdor4405/27/2020 03:09

both. XSPA can still run if they get more contracts. Nano will run when further PR comes out


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