05/27/2020 10:20

$XPRESSPA GROUP Man how did i get stuck in this garbage.
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All Comments(5)

Cowboys202005/27/2020 10:30
lol this shit is going to pop over 1 dollar on multiple occasions over the next few weeks

#thacherbadgers05/27/2020 10:34

Im overwhelmingly confident now its the year 2020 and my stock broker Advisor thinks hes a COWBOY.


Big Dawg !05/27/2020 10:27
Greed is usually the reason people get stuck you need to use a stop loss

#thacherbadgers05/27/2020 10:36

No i have been playing safe stocks ive been watching for weeks. should have stuck to my guns.

I cant believe im responding bro your handle is Big Dawg. hella comedy


509****42805/27/2020 10:25
Cut your losses


Daytradingdoneeasy@gmail🙉🙈🙊05/27/2020 10:22
Do you even know what you invested in?


vin***com05/27/2020 10:22
are you stupid?

#thacherbadgers05/27/2020 10:29

Well lets see its 5:30 am and im on an app that wont return my messages about why they stealing my profits. responding to a compulsive gambler.

Stone cold can i get a HELL YEAH. i have never seen that man wrestle


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