05/27/2020 10:31

$XPRESSPA GROUP i challenge one person say something not totally stupid or innacurate, one person ..let's hear it
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🗽05/27/2020 11:37
This will bounce between .85-1.2 The rest of the week. End friday around .95 - Have another great Monday pre market and simmer down until more newS


sch***com05/27/2020 10:45
the equation of a straight line is y=mx + b


ser***com05/27/2020 10:35
Today is not the day unless they further release news. ”Buy on rumor sell on news” and the news already happened

ser***com05/27/2020 10:44

Yea im aware i been here since .25. The problem is when that gonna happen people losing patience especially with them not releasing for so long it took them months to just annouce the JFK

vin***com05/27/2020 10:39

stupid as it gets, many more airports to be announced


SmoothTainT05/27/2020 10:35
something not totally stupid or inaccurate, one person ..let's hear it (What do I win)?..haha


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