atjtrade1@gmail.co m

09/09/2020 12:55

Another free channel bites the dust and is making people pay for premium πŸ˜‚
Must need money to cover their losses πŸ˜›

If you HONESTLY make a commitment to the stock market and decide how you want to trade then you wont need their hot picks.. There is thousands and thousands of hours worth of good content that you can find and study. Dont get taken advantage of, unless your lazy and just want hot picks then go ahead. But it doesn’t work because you cant substitute hard work and expect to make a living off someones hot picks..

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All Comments(12)

MaeMae09/10/2020 00:21
from a newb, to another newb. please make it in before the audio chat this Sunday night πŸ™πŸ™.

some smaller plays today, on recommendations made inside our group today, and this past weekends audio chat.


BLiiTz09/09/2020 23:55


bullcummillionaire09/09/2020 21:54
Amen! You dare say anything negative about spuddddyyyyy dudddy and there are a horde of losers committing to him like hes the latest fad.

atjtrade1@gmail.co m09/09/2020 21:55

Tough πŸ˜‚


ima***com09/09/2020 14:35
isnt that what you do. Make people pay a premium information is free give to us free

atjtrade1@gmail.co m09/09/2020 14:36

No, no one in my channel pays anything


Moochelle Obongo09/09/2020 13:20
So who do you steal your watchlist from?

atjtrade1@gmail.co m09/09/2020 13:27

Thanks for your pointless question πŸ˜‚ I dont need to.. my chat will attest πŸ‘‹πŸΌ


AxeRX09/09/2020 13:13
I'm just on webull for the comments. I dont trade here or get advice lol. but I have my 🍿


c209/09/2020 13:09
You know that they don’t want to work for anyrhing. It’s been given to them their whole life, and they’re probably trading with mommy and daddy’s money anyway.

MaeMae09/10/2020 00:22

I uber after I get off work every night for 3+ hours to trade, excuse me, win in this group.


CarlosLehder09/09/2020 13:06
My biggest losses when I staeRted were from listening to someone else. They still remain my biggest losses to date. I learned my lesson... just took about 2 months of getting beat.

atjtrade1@gmail.co m09/09/2020 13:07



OG 09/09/2020 13:00
these people just click top gainers for the day. put them in a list and say Guys i did it

atjtrade1@gmail.co m09/09/2020 13:03

You clearly have no idea what your talking about because those are most popular. πŸ˜‚ thanks for your pointless comment


Claydood09/09/2020 12:58
Which one is charging now?

atjtrade1@gmail.co m09/09/2020 13:00

Daily coach picks


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