09/09/2020 21:32

this stock is a dud... sorry... but this company won't make a lot of money. They are limiting themselves to airports. they should invest and do pop testing clinics all over... there are only a handful of airports... i just dont see major profits from a few testing sites. sorry. trust me. im in 300 shares. may not be much but I wish it nothing but success. lets see.
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All Comments(7)

ONYX09/09/2020 22:24
Stfu then and sell we are tired of hearing your bs !

ict***com09/09/2020 22:26

so aggressive. good thing there's a block button.... have a good night... wish the best for you and your investments...


Teddy Finger09/09/2020 21:42
So you purchased 300 shares of a dud but now want us to take you seriously? GTFO with that bullshit you fucking 🀑


Stu***com09/09/2020 21:41
This dude is a 🀑🀑🀑🀑🐻🩳🩳🩳 gtfo here


Alfwannabe$09/09/2020 21:41
A handful of airports??
There are a lot of airports for Xspa/XpresCheck and at $75 out of pocket fee plus $15 for 2nd test.... (thats before billing Insurance Co). They will start doing 1,000+ a day per airport. JFK airport has millions of people per day so easy numbers to get. Do the Math!!!
Billion dollar valuation opportunity (just in airports)! Now in (3) airports NY & NJ, could also include additional countries??πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

ict***com09/09/2020 22:01

sure hope so man... love to see people winning. I wish I never bought. but im still learning. lets see what happens. maybe I'll make a buck or 2. def not selling for a loss... rather hold until I at least see their true potential manifest

Alfwannabe$09/09/2020 21:45

Soon enough.... easy hold for my 4,500 shares

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ama***com09/09/2020 21:36
How can you trust someone who doesn't know how to do basic multiplication?

ONYX09/09/2020 22:23

Then sell and stfu πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈπŸ€«πŸ€«πŸ€«

ict***com09/09/2020 21:38

missing the point here... but we'll see. if government subsidizes we might have a chance for big returns. otherwise i just don't see it.


Novato09/09/2020 21:36
Sooooo what hands are you using to measure the amount of airports?

ict***com09/09/2020 21:41



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