09/29/2020 18:09

$XPRESSPA GROUP I've never seen such an annoying pest in my whole life.
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aca***com09/29/2020 19:08
Remember that guy being a bull, but blocked him long ago for being annoying, Can’t believe he’s still at it 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Money42009/29/2020 18:52
Funny.. I just blocked him an hour ago.


Colorado720🌲🌺🌼09/29/2020 18:46
who cares. ..just block him and move on


Richie1up09/29/2020 18:34
He took a small loss and has been crying since. Hes just a trash trader. Been in since $.92 and just being patient. Its just a matter of time especially with holiday travel coming up.

Gzg09/29/2020 18:51

Ive been here since .19 bruh. 🤣🤣🤣 but okay Whatevrr you say


🚫🧢09/29/2020 18:33
He has been at this for months. and lots of idiots comment along when you react to make you feel crazy but they are just dumb

Gzg09/29/2020 18:38

Ahahahahahahaha hey no cap is Back i thought you blocked me


Alex Ace09/29/2020 18:24
Blocked him a while ago too.


Yushi09/29/2020 18:15
Look at his profile, all he does is trash talk xspa lol, starting to think hes bag holding and doesnt have money to invest elsewhere lol


Saguaroman09/29/2020 18:10
Blocked that clown a long time ago. He’s one of the worst


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