11/13/2020 21:27

I hope everyone that follows me had a great day in the market! If not, it’s not the end of the world. Stay focused, stick to your game plan and don’t pay attention to the negative comments. I’m done for the week but will have some new companies i will be posting next week along with performance updates on some of the companies I’ve already posted. Have a great rest of the day and a better weekend! If you’re new to the market or looking for affordable, long term investments feel free to follow me and check out the companies i post, any new positions i open and performance updates on the companies i post.

$Genius Brands $NIO Inc. $Ideanomics Inc $XPRESSPA GROUP $IBIO $Aytu BioScience $Nikola Corporation $Workhorse Group $MicroVision $Sorrento Thera $SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. $Top Ships $Seanergy $Inovio Pharma $Taronis Technologies Inc $Gevo $Remark Holdings $Bionano Genomics $Hyliion Holdings Corporation $VAXART $Kitov Pharms $WESTWATER RES $AMD $Nano Dimension $Fisker Inc $Aurora Cannabis $Zomedica Corp $Boxlight Parent $AGEAGLE AERIAL $DraftKings Inc $Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc $Marathon Patent $Co-Diagnostics $JUST ENERGY $Toughbuilt Industries
Disclaimer: The comments, opinions and analysis expressed herein are for informational and educational purposes only and shoulk not be considered as individual investment advice or recommendations. Webull is not responsible or liable in any way for comments posted by pur users.


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All Comments(14)

Deedles11/16/2020 04:25
whats your thought on this particular one

swade trades all day11/16/2020 11:53


Oscar11/16/2020 11:39

Which on are you talking about, im sorry not sure which ticker you’re referring to.


👑 Benjamin Franklin 👑11/14/2020 22:22
the call on MVIS was great!

Oscar11/14/2020 22:52



Bio-geek11/14/2020 00:45
You mean this is your watchlist🤡😂🤡 Any one can put together a watChlist. Its like underweAr, keep it to yourself

Oscar11/14/2020 00:48

🤦‍♂️ this is how i reach out to the people who follow me and anyone who is looking to invest in in companies long term. You have to click on my profile pic to see the companies i post 😂 Have a great weekend!


SeanT100011/13/2020 23:29
my daily charts son.. with i had the money to trade all day wit no strings.. id be a millionaire in a month.. iv done it.

kentoe-green11/14/2020 01:15

lol that's good for a day!

Oscar11/13/2020 23:50


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SeanT100011/13/2020 23:27
im up %50 for the month.

Oscar11/13/2020 23:32



don***com11/13/2020 23:24
Oscar's getting desperate... he keeps adding tickers to his spam! 🤡

Oscar11/13/2020 23:32



Slayercidal11/13/2020 23:22
No one cares what you buy. Post your monthly pL or stfu

Slayercidal11/14/2020 01:23

That what i though

Oscar11/13/2020 23:31

Have a great weekend! I can tell you had a bad day in the market!


Kad***com11/13/2020 23:17
I just so disappointed with ev stocks. Id like to follow you. how? I am pretty new here. Thanks in advance.

Oscar11/13/2020 23:30

Theres no need to rush when investing, we have to learn to have patience! Once we learn that, everything slows down and becomes easier! Send me a message whenever you have a question and Might need an opinion. Its only an opinion, at the end of the day you have to make the final decision but i promise you I will give you my honest opinion! Have a great weekend, thank hoi for joining!

Oscar11/13/2020 23:26

Thats why i started posting and reaching out to people who want to invest long term. Theres nothing wrong with being new, you have to start some where! If you are investing long term, you have to give your money time to mature and work for you. I never buy a company unless its at least 10-15% from its 52 week high and thats if i really want it. Usually its 20% or more. If you have a set amount of money you want to put into a compan, half it and give yourself leverage to average down.


Truthful Trader11/13/2020 22:03
Thank you kindly! 😊

Oscar11/13/2020 22:52

No problem! Have a great weekend!


H.S.11/13/2020 21:38
Is this a reverse split on monday

han***com11/13/2020 22:47

5/20 rs can't do it again yet

han***com11/13/2020 22:46

it can't it did not to long ago

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Iwo***com11/13/2020 21:33
Hey brother how can I follow you and join you guys


TooAmerican11/13/2020 21:31
shabbat shalom my friend

Bull Lives Matter11/13/2020 23:58

too American indeed, I see.... 🤔

Oscar11/13/2020 21:34

Have a great weekend my friend!


OptionsRMYObsession11/13/2020 21:28
Thanks for your post, followed you, positivity is Everything!!

Oscar11/13/2020 21:30

Thank you for joing! Have a great weekend!


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