Buying a new Harley

11/17/2020 20:37

$XPRESSPA GROUP I have 14 k in this stock and as a business man not a trader this is my opinion Doug is waiting for airports to get busier before he opens more checks and the spas . If he opens them and the airport is at 25 percent capacity then its possible thats not profitable so why waste the time .would you open a hot dog stand at a NFL game wIth no more people is there , of course not becaaue it would cost more to do it than you could Sale . So hopefully this weekend some will open up for thanKsgiving and after that more for Christmas .
And on another note there is no way expesscheck can be the only one per airport because the line would be a mile long !!!
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Theguybigtime11/17/2020 20:55
Averaging down from 2.30 to 2.20 isntbgonna do much for me at this point

Buying a new Harley11/17/2020 21:13

Well go pick another stock and put your money in it , ask some of these guys that are good at it or pay spud $10 a month and listen to him , My gf turned 1k into 20 k listening to spud when she was out of work but it is big risk with big rewards


007***com11/17/2020 20:49
He mentions all this in the ER call.
do yourself a favor
read the prospectus or listen to the call
he mentions the new addition of pop up xpreschecks to coincide with the actual full build outs to keep up with demand
it is smart to open as many xpreschecks in as many airports as possible, the cost isnt that great compared to the value of holding real estate inside airports, especially international airports
the spas he said will not open for some time as not enough travelers as is.

007***com11/17/2020 22:15

well if this is your honest opinion, I'd say great call! cause you're on point with a lot.

Txn***com11/17/2020 21:23

Might be awhile my friends. States are being on lockdowns as the numbers are increasing

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