11/18/2020 02:03

$XPRESSPA GROUP Its crazy to look on similar tickers comments and see EXACTLY what people were saying back when this first started.. every dip they say the aame things. and every pop they say the same things.. Its almost like being an ex addict and seeing someone first start out on a drug.
you try to tell them to just take it easy. and they lash out at you and tell you you dont know what you're talking about... yes, I'm talking $SG Blocks
they act like that was the first company in this mission. and yet they dont have any set up quite yet, or JUST got one set up and are beginning the same trend/footprint. Always remember to know what you're holding and why..
Shipping containers??
seems pretty temporary to me..
but more power to em.
I didnt listen earlier either, especially when Doug himself said people are all in too fast!
these things take time people!
its a long hold for a reason
put the app away
come back in spring.
unless you were wise and didnt go all in immediately!
dont get mad at the CEO and lash out online because you made a hasty decision
man up and learn from this.
Xspa WILL be huge gains some day.
just not over night
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All Comments(7)

007***com11/18/2020 14:09
now I understand
plus he was all about Kodak too
he buys the peak and trash talks people cause he's upset about his mistakes.
its stocks, mistakes happen EVERY day!
its the point that we learn from them and move on
emotional trading is not a tactic


Sco***com11/18/2020 13:27
xpresa is trash and a one trick dying pony

007***com11/18/2020 13:31

move along
you don't have to defend your ticker bud
I'm just making observations anyhow

007***com11/18/2020 13:30

now this is where I tell you
you're not too knowledgeable of xpresspa group and its new brand xprescheck


Sco***com11/18/2020 13:24
You have no clue what you are talkimg about. their testing labs are a small portion of what they do. class roomS, homes for under 200k coming up. partnership with blink charging station For EV. Bulld restaurants, sturctures in Puerto Rico. Multiple applications

007***com11/18/2020 13:37

bud. its relevant to Xspa
I merely mentioned your ticker as reference to the hype is all.
why you so determined?
it's just my opinion
which I stated

Sco***com11/18/2020 13:30

You wrote a book on here and none of it was relevant. πŸ˜‚ Its an eco friendly real estate company

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Red***com11/18/2020 04:58
glad to see someone with half a brain. always remember guys. the stock market takes money from the impatient and gives it to the patient


Mar***com11/18/2020 04:43
Well said! πŸ™πŸ‘

007***com11/18/2020 13:40

this post isn't for SG Blocks.
settle down guy

Sco***com11/18/2020 13:25

Not at all Test labs is just a sliver of what they do


479****57111/18/2020 03:29
You really need to be the spokes person for Doug

007***com11/18/2020 04:19

I know I share a lot.
keep in mind
that, I'm not giving advice
always do your DD


♣️♦️♠️β™₯️11/18/2020 02:26


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