👑Swing King👑

12/03/2020 21:44

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Apple Sauce12/04/2020 01:44
for everyone that is an ass there are 20 that are cool with it. f them

👑Swing King👑12/04/2020 02:46



WOLF12/04/2020 01:38


Newton3rdLaw12/03/2020 22:34
If you put If you put 5.00 dollars in every stock chance it are you can hit one everyday.

👑Swing King👑12/03/2020 22:35

True if I buy 1 of everything oh wait i said i was getting in these before they ran.


Oscar Rivera12/03/2020 22:15
Good job buddy 💵💵💵

Oscar Rivera12/03/2020 22:28


👑Swing King👑12/03/2020 22:20

You should have way more Followers

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sco***com12/03/2020 22:13
hey man you do a great job! I want to say thank you. usually never comment but you have helped me make a lot on multiple recommendations ! Thanks again for the picks

👑Swing King👑12/03/2020 22:14



wil***com12/03/2020 22:04
Thank you Swing King! I appreciate your picks! I have only been following your plays this week; if those kind of results happen I am following!! when do you post your picks to study for next week?

👑Swing King👑12/03/2020 22:05

Post on WB


Doro8912/03/2020 22:00
thank you for your work!


Andrew12/03/2020 21:54
It just annoying to have people spam tickers. Like great make money but keep it to yourself or people who Ask. No one here was asking

👑Swing King👑12/03/2020 21:57

Thanks also making others money for free and not pumping discords is the real problem


A.Martin00712/03/2020 21:51
I don't think they are haters, I think people think if you're going to share so much, be 100% transparent otherwise it appears sketchy or bragging. Thats all. obviously do whatever you want, just thought I could offer a secondary perspective.

cooldad7612/04/2020 00:27

can you tell me and exit and entry plan??? jk jk lol

👑Swing King👑12/03/2020 22:07

I dont gEt it gain more than you lose

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Michael Vigil12/03/2020 21:51
The tickers that you post on, are they recommendations from you to look at them, or are you targeting specific people that invest in those other ones?

👑Swing King👑12/03/2020 21:55

All my posts i am already swinging or getting in i dont post anything i dont own. I dont like to tell people to get in because its just my opinion


Judahmt12/03/2020 21:48
just curious how long of a period was that gain on your account

👑Swing King👑12/03/2020 21:56

Thanks owe it all to Big482

Michael Vigil12/03/2020 21:49

I am impressed

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