01/05/2021 00:23

$XPRESSPA GROUP Does anyone feel another RS will occur?
Are we ready to run, or do we have to wait till earning?
If we have to wait till earnings, wont this cause the SP to be battered further down?

Also - I've lost so much money on this and other stocks- shit I just cant avg down any more -
this thing just seems to go down and than RS
I've lost all the money I can
I have a 3 Avg, 10K shares- will I ever make money if I hold? I'm just afraid it will never run up as everyone will sell to get rid of their bags

I know its pathetic to seek advice on Forums as, if your a bear, people dont give a shit or are happy for your loss. But- There is not a single person I know whom I can ask questions

When I saw this business opportunity - I dont know why I went with it - I did not run any numbers - it just seemed like a good idea - testing in airports with locations already in airports - I understand there is all sorts of issues with testing - why go to airport, etc and that XSPA is transitioning to wellness clique. I had beginners luck with investing when I started in April and I was soon up like 40K - now I am down like 26K - I felt invincible - like there was a change in my life - I was going to get the money I so desperately need in life to get me out of the mess I am in. I became a new man, smiling, laughing - no worries and than somehow every thing just got screwed. Now I'm sick to my stomach and very depressed

I'm sure people are laughing at this message, I'm sure there are people whom enjoy the suffering of others, but shit - I'm a good guy - I need XSPA to work out

I hope and pray to God it gets away from the 1 dollar level soon, in a positive direction.

What are opinions of what will happen, and I cant Avg down- I've burned through so much cash doing this and how can I trust it wont just keep crashing or RS or more DO, or Manipulation, Sabby, etc.. ( All the shit I never heard of)
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All Comments(6)

Pandemic01/05/2021 01:40
I had an average of $4.50.i had 3300 shares. I was invested $17000. I sold them all and lost $12000. I was left with $4700. Today I bought 4000 shares for the $4700.Now I have 700 more shares at $1.18. now I will get my money back $3.60. Go figure if it works out better average and more shares.


Gzg01/05/2021 00:45
Whats your PT?

What kinf od numbera are you expecting from the ER? And based off what??

I did some quick numbers and assuming theY are operstimg at full capaCity at all their locations Thats rouGhly 1600 test a day, for 2 quarters your talking maybe like 28.5 million dollars. still have to subtract overheard/rent, salaries, etc. how much you think the stock price will be?

Elreypogi01/05/2021 01:10

hey 🖕


lui***.es01/05/2021 00:37
Hey guy! Be patient. Don't sale. If you want a recovery you must wait. IT'll go back to high prices. I have a lot of them and I'm determined to get back my money. I don't know how long time I should wait but I know that I must do it. We have no choices.

Gzg01/05/2021 00:56

A loosing guy telling another looser to hold Strong.

Seems legit. 😅😬 best of luck to us all


mhu***net01/05/2021 00:37
starting in February we should have some better knowledge of where this is going to go. we will get our first look at what the er should look like, problem is it's also end of year earnings report. so they will probably offset. 1st quarter report in may should tell us more plus between now and then it can open many more sites. so just take a deep breath and wait until summer and see what happens.

mhu***net01/05/2021 03:01

well yeah there's always a chance. with this stock it probably will be back below a dollar, but just load up some more and average down. there sites opening up every couple of weeks, but have to wait till er to see anything of significant meaning.

Ele***com01/05/2021 01:26

isn't it possible that the share price will be well below 1 before earnings?


patience 🧠01/05/2021 00:34
brother be patience is coming!!! airports need this BAD 🙏🏼 also Biden is 100% with testing, is going to be a long walk but this can go crazy any moment. blessings and block all the negativity 💣


Paul Andrew01/05/2021 00:24


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