aimatirós lýkos 🐺

01/08/2021 15:01

Feels like a life time ago... When I was in 9th grade, Mostly a quiet kid. Honestly, i slept a lot in school. The reason as to why i did, that is another story in itself. Anyhow, i sat behind this guy in study hall. Once a week he wore a shirt that was black and had big bold writing that filled the entire backside with an explaining the quote at the top. The top quote reads “Scared money dont make money”. And it was underlined. Beneath, it goes on to explain that he/she shouldnt have to explain what this mean, but does it anyways. Well, years later I still live by the message printed on the back of this dudes shirt. And i invest without fear, because i believe in my research and in myself. Im not saying do this or live by this... All im getting at, is SCARED MONEY DONT MAKE MONEY. And look the shirt up, he will explain it for you if you need it. Good luck everyone! its friday baby! First rounds on me 🍻

Heres some hot stocks (some are still sleeping) to get your whistle wet. Lifes a garden, dig it! 😜
$TESLA $SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. $XPRESSPA GROUP $Titan Pharma $Arcadia $Bitcoin $Tantech Hldg $Mediaco Holding Inc $Insignia Systems $U. S. Steel - $CALA - $AIV
Titan Pharma-0
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RedWine&Trades01/09/2021 19:13
Amen brotha!🥂cheers to a life if success with no fear.

aimatirós lýkos 🐺01/09/2021 21:29

Cheers! And one for all the recently departed the past year. *pours rest of a 40 on the ground* Save me a seat yall 😇


Lazerskull01/08/2021 15:59
fear in life... in general... never really works out to well... be confident in all you do. put in the work and trust your work. true confidence comes from self accountability. right now in mainstream culture there is this fake fixation with being "alpha." it is all fake. real alpha types are quiet and they put in the work behind the scenes. their actions speak louder than their words. and they don't waste time worrying about "is this alpha or beta behavior." they simply do not operate from a fear self concious mindset. a true alpha considers all his or her people and puts their needs first. be an alpha.

aimatirós lýkos 🐺01/08/2021 16:40

Aye. Theres only one winner when playing cat and mouse. The dog. 😇


aimatirós lýkos 🐺01/08/2021 15:13
New triggers. gonna check these out

Victorthetrader01/08/2021 20:55

Whag is this??


Diddy01/08/2021 15:06
young Jeezy and lil Wayne had a song in 2009 that said that haha but I agree !! 🤙🏼


Bucknasty6601/08/2021 15:05
Cool story bro... not


Knobzilla01/08/2021 15:05


Jenny01/08/2021 15:05


aimatirós lýkos 🐺01/08/2021 15:04
and honestly, if this makes one person laugh, smile or make some money, its worth it. And before you post something negative, I really dont give a rats ass what you think. With that, good day!

Daddy Webucks01/08/2021 15:24

me too.

Rocky01/08/2021 15:06

made me smile keep it up!


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