01/11/2021 20:49

Results from the A Savage Method for Monday (12/03/20) Every stock that you see attached to this post was on that list. Members of the service were provided this information at least 8 hours in advance before the market opened and this is on a daily basis. Yes, that means that these price points were predicted nearly a half a day in advance and allowed those members to wait to buy at the most optimal times and sell at maxim profits in a short period of time while also allowing them with most trades to avoid incurring a daytrade or taking ANY losses whatsoever. Price points are updated on a daily basis! There is NO ONE, INDIVIDUAL, SERVICE OR BROKERAGE that can provide you better information on a daily basis than A Savage Method guaranteed! Want to stop blindly trading? Ask about membership and where you can go to find A Savage Method! You can also find in the title of the document in the pictures were you can directly contact the service from for membership now! If you donā€™t have a Facebook, no problem sign up/subscribe on the website. All services will be exclusive through the website only, starting Feb. 1st, 2021.

Monday (12/03/20) Numbers Provided to Members & Results (Members are given from the Beginning 4 Guidelines they are Strongly Encouraged to Follow Diligently In Order to Use the Information Provided Correctly, Sustain Little to No Losses and to Help them Overpower and Change their Bad Trading Habits which ALL INVESTORS HAVE)

RED HIGHLIGHTS - Price was higher than open...should have defaulted to next price point
ORANGE HIGHLIGHTS - Acceptable +/- Buy or Sell Range Outside of Price Points Provided
GREEN HIGHLIGHTS - Successful Trade Points
PURPLE HIGHLIGHTS - 100% Perfect High and/or Low of the day
YELLOW HIGHLIGHTS - Was Very Close to Hitting
BLACK STRIKED HIGHLIGHTS - Duplicate Price Was Voided Upon the Value of the Opening Price (duplicate pricing is formulated to fit ETFs, occasionally regular stocks as well, specifically due to low volume and/or movement)
$Apple $NIO Inc. $TESLA $Delta Air $Microsoft $Fisker Inc $AMD $Alibaba $IBIO $XPRESSPA GROUP
Fisker Inc-0
Disclaimer: The comments, opinions and analysis expressed herein are for informational and educational purposes only and shoulk not be considered as individual investment advice or recommendations. Webull is not responsible or liable in any way for comments posted by pur users.


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All Comments(5)

DangerousDayTraderšŸ˜‰šŸ˜Ž01/11/2021 22:43
The document gets posted in a PDF form for members. There is over 152 VERIFIABLE posted documents with the trade information contained in them. They only recently became PDF documents provided to make it easier for members to view the information quickly and efficiently. Before that it was all screenshoted information that was provided to members. Every business starts from the ground up...this didn't just suddenly have everything necessary to make it Apple or Facebook and neither did they. Everything starts off small until it becomes a well known, liked, appreciated, desired and respected product.


DangerousDayTraderšŸ˜‰šŸ˜Ž01/11/2021 22:28
@11**58 hey no worries man. I found this person easily. I'm looking forward to proving the service is not fraudulent at least from 1 source. But there will be A LOT more sources to come that will certify this service is authentic and provides exactly what is claimed.


11**5801/11/2021 21:55
Sooo you have a printout from a day over a month ago claiming that all of those entries and exits were predicted before it?

Definitely sending this one to guruleaks...

DangerousDayTraderšŸ˜‰šŸ˜Ž01/11/2021 22:10

That is a REALLY good idea! Damn man thanks! If that is someone well respected in the investing community for exposing false claims, I look forward to proving it by simply allowing them to see proof of posting made on Facebook with that info. They will have complete access to the history of the information, when it was created, finished and given to members. When this individual verifys, if they even accept doing so, that this service is not fraudulent in any way whatsoever, I'll make to DM you


Dr.***com01/11/2021 20:58
Or discord? Havent had s telegram set sup.. any info appreciated

DangerousDayTraderšŸ˜‰šŸ˜Ž01/11/2021 21:02

Please read the post and not just skim through it and look at the photos provided. In the title is all the places you can go to find the service.


Erick 01/11/2021 20:57
Hi do you have telegram group ?

DangerousDayTraderšŸ˜‰šŸ˜Ž01/11/2021 21:01

No. This won't be used in a way that is cheap and unprofessional. Those that run their investing members through stuff like that are just doing it for a hobby...and they really don't give anything valuable to those people who join or follow them. The website is where everything will be...which is a .com website that you can find in the pictures. Please, read the post.


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