02/19/2021 16:58

Last chance to grab $Bionano Genomics For around $14.. 2 selerate major news events will hit after lunch, tonight, or Monday at the latest (the company headed up anmajor conference yesterday late afternoon into the evening and also late yesterday received news of a granted patent). We are up over 10% now, but will fly with news. This is up over 2500% since Jan 4th and isnt slowing down. Yesterday’s market dip can be your opportunity to get in at a decent price!
$Genius Brands $MicroVision $XPRESSPA GROUP $Jaguar Health $IBIO $Workhorse Group $Nano Dimension $Eastman Kodak $Inovio Pharma
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All Comments(7)

Raymond🖕02/19/2021 17:08
BNGo is going down to $6...sell now and invest in OCGN ...its the best vaccinE in the world.will be $100+ by next year

lee***com02/19/2021 17:19

I have been in Bionano since .55 and Ocugen since .33. Ocugen has made me a lot of money, but has no where near the company value long term that $bngo has


Great Saiyanman02/19/2021 17:05
I guess your a bag holder who wants help.

lee***com02/19/2021 17:20

Yeah these money bags are getting heavy lol


Bull for hire02/19/2021 17:02
Random guessing news?? Maybe next year? Maybe now??

lee***com02/19/2021 17:07

No go to the news section in webull.. it clearly shows the date and time of yesterdays conference. The last conference (after the news article) created a 30% push


DVNT02/19/2021 17:02
weak spaghetti hands in there will never let it climb. got my calls looking like booty

lee***com02/19/2021 17:11

It has Climbed 2600% in leas than 25 days lol..


Bre***com02/19/2021 17:02
blocked 🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫

go spam somewhere else

Chris Pickett02/19/2021 17:04

Lol, it is going up and it is a dip, been thereand researching since .50


lee***com02/19/2021 16:59


ran***com02/19/2021 16:59
who gives a shit

Chris Pickett02/19/2021 17:17


lee***com02/19/2021 17:12

People that actually enjoy money 🤷🏻‍♂️


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