03/03/2021 03:31

New traders....

I post on this platform to help you learn. I teach by sharing their experience. I look into the psychology of trading. I can see volume, demand, as it happens.

Rule number one the 25% rule, so you have $1000 to buy X corporation, your first entry is when it dips on whatever day. You use $250. If the stock goes down 10% or more you average down with your second by at 25%. This allows you to average down three times. It’s extremely important if you want to be a profitable trader.

It’s a little different averaging down with options, same entry only on dips and only with 25% of your investment for that position. If your option drops 33% in value you can add a second position averaging down.

I teach many lessons to help those become better traders. I also share exactly what I’m seeing and I use a lot of visual tools and images to help show you all and help you learn.

Please give me a follow on Twitter

I am not a financial advisor, I’m a very smart individual that happens to be very good with patterns charts and numbers. I also know this is a tough time for all of us, and we are all trying to do the best we can. I believe in karma and I’m here to help.

As a play, I see bitcoin going to 53,000 by this weekend and 59,000 by March 12, meaning bitcoin stocks are in action

$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. $NIO Inc. $Naked Brand $Castor Maritime Inc $Zomedica Corp $XPRESSPA GROUP $SOS Limited $Top Ships $WESTWATER RES

My Twitter handle is below, in addition I wanna give a shout out to @Stockdata Where is I look at the psychology of trading demand in volume this gentleman does research, analytics and his DD is off the charts
Naked Brand-0
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🍀 🍀 GREEN 🍀 🍀03/03/2021 11:52
Thank you for taking the time to share that.


Jen-is-IN03/03/2021 09:21
Thanks for the info. i am always willing to learn.


Stockdata03/03/2021 07:31


SAM***COM03/03/2021 06:48
all bull crap! YOLO it.

Matt03/03/2021 09:33

That’s too bad because if you looked at my post from Thursday the one position I gave out, the one options play will be up to hundred percent this morning


??HillbillyGAINSsnatcher??03/03/2021 05:54
thank you for sharing


MonopolyMoney03/03/2021 05:12
I ALWAYS use this rule. Also, another personal rule of mine is to never invest more than 1/4 of my liquid cash into any one investment. the only way to achieve wealth is through compound interests.


Khanfar03/03/2021 05:09
this advise can't be applied on wwr this stock can dip more than two dollars in one day , u will stuck for one year without any profit with this role, for some other stocks i agree


Scottgplumb03/03/2021 04:54
Worst advice ever given. Never EVER sink all your funds on 1 stock. Ever. Diverse your portfolio no matter your trading limit. Dude, your going to screw someone up bad

💰TRADIN🏌🏼‍♂️FOORE⛳️MILLY📈03/03/2021 11:03

Reading comprehension.... gonna screw you up man...

Jacob03/03/2021 07:30

Actually Warren Buffet says people diversify because they don’t know what they’re doing.

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Allergic2Jerks03/03/2021 04:53
Ill trust the baldguy


Sti***com03/03/2021 04:44
Matt touched my wee wee

bio***com03/03/2021 11:35

Ew... glad they blocked you and I reported you bc I was offended by this comment.

Matt03/03/2021 09:34


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anna03/03/2021 04:27
I’m sticking with the 25% rule from now on. great tip! I’ve learned a lot from Matt, good advice that sounds like common sense but many people don’t follow. very trustworthy trader

anna03/03/2021 12:28

sorry man I don’t do options so I’m not sure about that

joblow 03/03/2021 05:20

what do you think the best place to learn option trading is


bearkillah03/03/2021 04:24
follow me i made money now im another MATT lol not. I'm no expert i just do research and buy i don't go off YouTube, reddit,stocktwit or a webuller at that. oh and that day of spi was over 40k buddy 3100 percent in 1 day

Don_Dinero03/03/2021 05:12


Matt03/03/2021 04:28

Wasn’t going to block you but you’re annoying as hell, you’re like my four-year-old daughter you’ve been blocked, time out for you three years

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Matt03/03/2021 04:21
Here’s a lesson, people here will tell you to buy the ask to push the stock up, stupidest thing ever, you look for the best entry points, a few cents might be a percentage point, everything matters

ACheetoDustParticul803/03/2021 05:16

Well the only reason to do the ask-buy is to keep momentum after your main position amount has been solidified lower... i do this in 1-share buys after already having hundreds and what it does is force the share price to the high side of the range and anyone who goes to market buy automatically chips away at the ask walls by doing so now that the share price has been pushed by the 1-share buy. This only continues the bullish momentum annd benefits your initial large position

bearkillah03/03/2021 04:27

if your bullish on a stock and you've done your dd a few cents to help go in the right direction is nothing. Cents do matter but if your that iffy about a buy in for 3 to 5 cents I wouldn't buy in at all. everybody knows that if your helping the run continue you buy the ask if not the price will stay where it's at or go lower is that correct Matt?


optiontrader03/03/2021 04:18
if you have 6k followers and only 34 likes does that really seem right. legitimately you should have at least 10 percent likes if your current following which would show you have a little influence but 34 likes come on bro ppl are new to trading and to quick to follow someone when they see money. I made 54k my 2nd month if trading in 2 days. off spi energy when they went up 3100 percent in 1 day and I scalped vivo power the next day for 21k . am I a stock guru now no buddy

Don_Dinero03/03/2021 04:46

STFU Turd 💩

Hal***com03/03/2021 04:45

Damn u found thd right stocks at right time lol. i started with 200 dollars 3 weeks ago and im at 2500 now. Its nice to have more money to invesr to see better gains!!! Or more losses lol


Buy Low Sell High03/03/2021 04:18
if your not getting paid by someone why would you waste your time posting info to a bunch of strangers??

Matt03/03/2021 04:20

Because the strangers need help you should see some of the comments I receive, you all post here and tell him to buy the ask, stupidest thing ever get the best entry you can


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