05/27/2020 03:14

$Zion Oil and Gas So after 3-D testing/partial results, ZN buys a drilling rig and convinces NASDAQ to postpone delisting. Meanwhile all the frivolous lawsuits were dropped. What exactly am I missing?
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30’s republican06/01/2020 18:27
Good point. maybe they are just doing whatever they can to postpone getting delisted and they really got nothing going for them.

Notfvckinsellin06/01/2020 18:36

Terrible business tactic the SEC will be all over them if it was that obvious but who knows 🤷🏻‍♂️


val***com05/27/2020 14:15
Im selling this On friday

Notfvckinsellin05/27/2020 14:38

Well the stock market is a tool for taking money from impatient people and giving it to patient ones


Honey Money05/27/2020 12:55
A Big BLAST OFF and Going to the Moon and Back. 😁


ian05/27/2020 05:37
exactly something isn't right here I been holding close to 6 month and haven't seen much movement


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