Just A Scientist

05/27/2020 11:15

$Zomedica Corp well if this hits $0.30/share again I'll be content. had 100 shares before the drop, averaged down to $0.1387 for total of 26k shares.
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Keegs05/27/2020 12:32
Averaging down 100 shares ­čśé


23rdhrentertainment05/27/2020 11:26
The deal is one warrent for one common share at minimum 15 cents each if its up more than more. i bought in the day bronx zoo was infected at 18c so im thrilled for over 10k shares in stocks and warrents.


Ash214905/27/2020 11:22
It will. Might take a couple weeks though. I loaded up at .10 a share on 4/8 at the last offering then sold it on 5/8 for .28 a share. Just be patient. Best of luck.


bco***com05/27/2020 11:17
why would you need to average down 100 shares?

Just A Scientist05/27/2020 11:23

No worries, it's still early in the morning. Have a coffee.

bco***com05/27/2020 11:22

I'm slower than most

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ric***com05/27/2020 11:16


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