09/16/2020 15:45

$Zomed Pharm

EVRY TUMBLE HAS A CORRECTION... Im bewildered by the amount of doentrend im seeing accross the market... is it a correction in result of the massive number of retail investors that have inflated the pps across the board? OR is it manipulation trying to scare people out of their investments? I know boeing had some manor volatility after march, hit lows a few times... all i do know is we have a massive number of new investors/traders... and also that investing never used to be so short lived. lol people jump ship too easily...
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JustGrind3409/16/2020 17:22
we know that many companies are fluctuating their share prices with false news, none of us know their reasons but take Nikola for instance, the CEO is being investigated for all types of fraud he went as far as towing their latest model vehicle to the top of a hill just to create a commercial with it rolling as if it's ready for the road lol then bragged about it over a text that they recorded point is who the hell really knows what's going on, paper can be rigged, news is rigged all for the benefit of someone at the top PERIOD


Makin' Money09/16/2020 16:07
Screw it, it doubled down at .1001, lowered my average to .12

•~•Meow🌸B¡t¢h•~•09/16/2020 16:30

Im so jealous of These low af averages y’all have. lolol ive bought more Too but its barely helped my average. lol


CardboardBoxDweller09/16/2020 16:06
This stock only goes down

•~•Meow🌸B¡t¢h•~•09/16/2020 16:32

There has been a lot down, i mean A LOT. even ones that I consider saFe bets have been trending the opposite of up. lol im ready for this to move opposite of down. Thats fo fuhk’n sho! LoLol


symbolofhope09/16/2020 15:50
yep, bewildered.

•~•Meow🌸B¡t¢h•~•09/16/2020 16:30

Lolol love that word


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