11/12/2020 13:44

$Zomedica Corp

My thoughts here, and maybe the offering is why the cfo, Before cohen also ceo, was let go, or bowed out...

Waiting on results of meeting, if no I’m not touching other than to trade. It’ll be too bad, continued duplication of fees will make this once growth stock, really hard to grow. It seems all the companies in Canada (like acb) have a really hard time financially, Zom included, but they have managed better than some, but not without repercussions, like diluted shares...

So, not to pursued, i know many dont want this, but sometime u gotta break a few eggs to make an Omlette... I def voted FOR.
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All Comments(5)

🆘Imtheworsttrader🆘11/13/2020 12:33
Wake up Zom is flying

•~•Meow🌸B¡t¢h•~•11/13/2020 12:38

Cant do anything abouT it, not my hour till 6am pacific. its okay, if its going to move it will be a normal thing from here out, it sucks doNt get me wrong, AND litterally i should have got back in, evn if i didnt sTay in, after electioN... been too busy... and these are the repercussions. i bet they have recieved eNough votes now to pass the move, so they aRe comfortable releasing the date... we will see


Mr-Hopeful11/12/2020 17:33
You can't place all the blame regarding the last offering solely at the feet of the previous cfo/ceo. A offering requires board approval!

Board approval, either by written consent or at a board meeting is required for every issuance of a security, whether that security is common stock, preferred stock, a warrant, an option or a note that is convertible into some type of stock. Securities are not validly issued without the approval of the company's board of directors.

•~•Meow🌸B¡t¢h•~•11/13/2020 20:16

I didnt think about that, and its only obvious... lolol Litterally, like, i know that. wow sometime i wonder... lol ...

And it is the same being its under canada law? There isnt a dif between there and the law here? Cause ive been tricked by that before. lol


timeforce~🔺️~11/12/2020 16:19
yall dumb. glad you sold most of your ahares f9r a loss so your vote didnt mean shit.

Devin D11/12/2020 16:23

We know who the dumb ones are... go watch a YouTube on float and come back and holla at us


Sean11/12/2020 14:12
I e been trying to tell people this for months now lmao!! Ive gotten block by a bunch of people because if it too lmao!!

•~•Meow🌸B¡t¢h•~•11/12/2020 14:14

Me too, and those who talk 💩,... i block. HA! Fuhk those guys. lol but they are why the market is soooo crazy unpredictable, for the most part, good news go down and bad news goes up! lolol


Devin D11/12/2020 13:48
Mfs should've voted yes for RS... smh the float would've been way lower and the price would be light-years easier to move. They probably expected most investors/traders to know this. This whole situation we've been going through was TOTALLY AVOIDABLE. Im guessing that's why they also haven't wasted time releasing Truforma updates because with a 500+mil Float, the PR would almost be useless 🤷🏿‍♂️

Devin D11/12/2020 14:30

No, sorry I just got Diamond hands 🤣 and know Truforma will be here next year

•~•Meow🌸B¡t¢h•~•11/12/2020 13:53

YES, DAMN, preach it! Lol

They dont want to do a buyback yet cause it will cost DOUBLE! Like how do people Not see this?! Seriously i try to find the most UNPOPULAR stocks bC there are too many people that DONT get it...

I thought they would push it through anyway, come to find out they are under Totally different SEC law/rules.... Do you happen to know how to check that on a conpany? Im sure i could figure it out, but time is precious. 😜😁


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