01/06/2021 09:56

$Zomedica Corp There are bears in here trying to short this dog by buying below the asking price, just look at the picture I posted! The asking price Has to be higher than the bid price in order to go up, so just look at the bid price and you will see we are losing because of people shorting the stock...1000 here, 1000 there, nobody is doing the same thing for the bulls on the other sideπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
Zomedica Corp-0
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dam***com01/06/2021 16:29


M1lf hunter bngbros01/06/2021 11:09
My ask is at $25 lmfaooo


Riiguy801/06/2021 10:16
This is just another shorter in here talking shit

ley***com01/06/2021 10:19

Thank you Riiguy


Riiguy801/06/2021 10:13

ley***com01/06/2021 10:20

Damn! Im jealous πŸ˜ͺ


AsianChew 01/06/2021 10:12
first time in zom? lol noob

ley***com01/06/2021 10:21

πŸ€— I love when you EXPOSE bears!!!!
It helps....

Riiguy801/06/2021 10:17

PS, big mistake coming in here and commenting, now I will continue to follow you and out you in front of every stock that you try to short! Good luck with that

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Reptard01/06/2021 10:04
this has 52 likes πŸ˜‚πŸ€£. dont believe everything you see on lvl 2. there are far more orders than what webull is showing you. lots of people here have asks at 1 2 and even 5 dollars for 10s of thousands of shares

Reptard01/06/2021 10:13

the fact you have so many followers is a testament to how idiots like following other idiots. you'd think someone with so many following would understand that webulls lvl 2 data is very very incomplete

AsianChew 01/06/2021 10:13

you gotta love it when us longs try to make sense but they still ignore the truth. @Reptard love you bro, thanks for staying long with me

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Juggastoned01/06/2021 10:00
The ask is literally always higher than the bid the ask is the seller on the order book, the bid is the buyer. Any order placed over the ask gets filled at the ask, anything under the bid gets filled at the bid. Market price fluctuates between the two, inside what's called the spread

Greenland capital01/07/2021 12:16

Moy dude a hundred shares

ley***com01/06/2021 10:22

look at juggastoneds profile pic....
enough said

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