J monies

01/11/2021 20:59

$Zomedica Corp Sundial dod the same thing on volume... im not saying this isnt a good buy. i am saying theres a good chance it will dip in the next couple of days.. sndl was up to .98 and dropped back to .50 zone so if you missed this pop just hold tight and wait for a good entry.. may pull back and fkn explode again.. been in this sonce .7 so i aint trying to discourage anyone or get them to sell. just saying, dont feel like you missed the boat
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J monies01/11/2021 21:59
Looks to me like we got a lil pullback fellas. lol yall too busy defending your stock to actually listen to what i said. buy like a mf idc. or dont... I been in this stock since October All the while people were talking shit about it delisting... dont know how many times ive chased a number only to realize i could have waited and gotten the wntry i wanted. doesnt always work but more often than not


Tendies01/11/2021 21:04
This is terrible advice

J monies01/11/2021 21:33

Jonny is smarter than most of you 🤷🏻‍♂️

Jonny01/11/2021 21:06

Its logical advice. Dont like it? Then you dont like logic. and he has good music so i dont see why not?!


Hernan01/11/2021 21:03
Sndl was a hype play running off the weed bill being approved by the house of reps. ZOM has real catalysts with fda approval, exclusivity patents, and march commercialization date. Anybody buying in should be holding until march if they want to make real money.

J monies01/11/2021 21:54

And anyone looking to buy in should do so on the pullback...

Jonny01/11/2021 21:04

This guy did hella easy dd for new investors! Nicer than i am haha


Jonny01/11/2021 21:03
Nah i agree with you but potato guy needs to stop spamming. this step up is dramatic so itll have reasonable pullback but idk bout 70’s. I hope nothing below 80’s even tho im in under 20. but this will continue its step up till eom easy i believe

J monies01/11/2021 21:30

I agree with you bro 💯


Kelvin01/11/2021 21:03
sndl peaked for 5 seconds and dropped still does zom has held 90 to high 80s all day

J monies01/11/2021 21:55

Actually sndl is on an uptrend.. youre right though. crazy fkn volume for two days brought it up and created a new low... a higher low


@EyalCap🔮📈01/11/2021 21:02
We have gap top fill towards 3 dollers


Carpenters Walrus01/11/2021 21:02
Holding these bags looooong buying more in the dip


RONNIE01/11/2021 21:01
You cant compare this to sundial 🤡


dromcom 01/11/2021 21:01
1billion vs 500 million big difference dont compare 2 stocks in completely different sectors

J monies01/11/2021 21:56

And it isnt about the stock. it's about the movement. Stop looking to prove a point bc you know i fkn have one


Millionaire In Training01/11/2021 21:01
sndl also went down cause the senate rejected weed vote lol sndl didn't have a ground breaking item coming out with 70 patents worldwide and more products behind the one coming in couple.months lol... biiiiig difference

J monies01/11/2021 21:07

Sndl coming back up btw. man yall so worried about your ego you willing to argue over fkn nothing lol

J monies01/11/2021 21:04

Lol i cant argue with you on that... and you have no reason to argue my point either.. however i have seen several stocks blow tf up for a couple days on volume and settle back down.. Im buying more when it dips. just trying to encourage folks who are about to start chasing... lol ma fkrs love to try and talk shit. you clearly didnt get my point 🤷🏻‍♂️


mat***com01/11/2021 21:01
thats also not zom.... and many other things. but good job on noticing a stock dipped before.


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