01/12/2021 18:27

$Zomedica Corp this stock was basically hidden in plain site for the longest. it's all over the news now. this is a great company coming out with ground breaking technology to help animals. it has all the big boys attention now. I do not see this going below $1 again and anyone that says so probably doesn't know what this company is about or is just trying to short it. this is not your average penny stock
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510****56801/12/2021 18:31
Duh blow glasses haha

lmf💰👽01/12/2021 18:33

called a filter 🥸😂


dig***com01/12/2021 18:29
🙌🏽💜💜🙏🏽 and thats why i got in at 0.28 As my highest position in any companY. i love animals and i EVen at $1 it’s an amazing opportunity.

lmf💰👽01/12/2021 18:33

I was originally in at .14 and doubled my position and averaged up to .22. no regrets whatsoever. in a couple months people will be looking at this wishing they got in at $1

510****56801/12/2021 18:30

Power beg lol


510****56801/12/2021 18:29
Shat your rant

lmf💰👽01/12/2021 18:30

lol shat your face shorty


Growddy01/12/2021 18:28


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