Moms be knowing

01/13/2021 02:23

$Zomedica Corp today marks 2 weeks since I started investing on webul (or any stock account). I am up 1,600! I think thats really good right?? Im So happy that im learning this quick And want to share my excitement. I think ZOM was my best choice so far, and I can feel it will go up a fee dollars. Cant wait For the biG numbers to come! :)
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BobThaBullBuilder01/13/2021 13:58
Hi mami where are you from?

BobThaBullBuilder01/13/2021 15:15

Youre so pretty i would love your number i can teach u a lil about the stocks

Moms be knowing01/13/2021 14:36



Jim***com01/13/2021 05:53
I am new as of 42 days and i doubled my 13k today. Learning a lot from the comments and really having fun. Sometimes you have to take a loss or you could lose a lot more. You can always buy it back in the dip.

Moms be knowing01/13/2021 06:32

NIce! I only started with 2k, but deposited 8k more after seeing that im prettty good at this lol! Now im inspired to set a goal to double it in 42 days like you πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ₯³


Tb4u0101/13/2021 04:02
Nicely done. Always do your due diligence and know what you got. Know your investments. Never sell for a loss. Don't invest in crap stocks. Just my opinion. Could always get burned. Like I have before. Research. Study the graphs/charts. Never ever chase a stock. Ever. Remember have fun. One Love.

tae***com01/13/2021 07:57

Vety true, ive sold for losses and more than doubled my money back on other stocks.

kd6-3.701/13/2021 04:46

"never sell for a loss" is massively bad advice. Cut your losses early. Or else you're holding nikola for the rest of your life because you bought it at 90 and it's at 14.

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DetectiveClarence01/13/2021 02:41
look up TRADING RUSH on YouTube, he is great at explaining Indicators and how to use them to your advantage

Moms be knowing01/13/2021 03:32

Subscribed thank you! I did read up on support and resistance before I started buying and it helps.


Youssef01/13/2021 02:34
Good for you! One year on here and im still losing lmaooo

Moms be knowing01/13/2021 02:44

Im sorry man.... sending good money vibes your way! boom, your gonna be rich :)

jjo***com01/13/2021 02:41



Fastback01/13/2021 02:33
Good for you but please learn right now not to let fomo Burn you!

Moms be knowing01/13/2021 02:41

Very true! I sold jaguar early, and bought again high Because it went booming, but then i bought the dip and recovered!!! back up and still have my small gains.


Bambadillo01/13/2021 02:31
Great job! Keep it going and be careful on every trade. I made over 7k in the first week I started, then lost almost half of it. Be always on the gains!

Moms be knowing01/13/2021 02:38

Thank you! I put in place orders to sell half of my stocks when they reach a point that I take a profit and leave the rest in without a big risk And avoiding FOMO if it keeps climbing. :)


ZAKZILLA01/13/2021 02:25
Great job! πŸ‘½

Moms be knowing01/13/2021 02:26

Thank you!


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