01/13/2021 20:47

$Zomedica Corp I couldve sold when I was up 7k, but im thinking long term. for all you new guys. I dont know what your background is or experience. but I was involved in companies early on and regretted not holding longer. tesla in 2015, plug in March of 2020, nio before 10 bucks. and my weak hands let go of gold. if you want to stay here, stay and invest. chat it up with the bulls, and block the bears. we can all get this company where it should be. plus it helps animals. why would you sell? if the reward outweighs the risk, the risk is worth taking. a few hundred now for a couple thousand later. worse case you lose a few hundred.
Zomedica Corp-0
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All Comments(7)

Eugenemichael 01/14/2021 04:24
Greed i know all about it

ray***com01/14/2021 05:45

we all do. I learned early not to be. lost 7k doing options early 2020 being greedy.


osm***com01/13/2021 21:33
Im down 1300 but i bough it at 1.29 but im holdIng

ray***com01/13/2021 21:46

good stuff. if you get out after you break even i wouldn't blame you. but if you hold long, atleast until march; you'll be rewarded.


Riz01/13/2021 21:16
My average is .19 per stock at the moment but im thinking ablut buying this dip right now before this stock takes off

ray***com01/13/2021 21:45

I wanted to too but im really liking my avg. 6k at 19. can't beat it. plus before I could spend 1200 bucks and get 5k shares. now 1200 bucks gets me 1100 shares. I dont have the extra money to toss at it.


Mic***com01/13/2021 21:01
I was up 15k in profit yesterday, so Im taking a little hit but I truly believe this company and their products!! only a blind fool would sell this stock. I also have some wiggle room, I bought 13275@ .23

ray***com01/13/2021 21:06

meant skimmed a *grand

ray***com01/13/2021 21:06

15k..not going to lie. I might of skimmed an grand of fun money lol. jkjk. thats insane man. glad to see other like minded and positive people holding.


El Savage01/13/2021 20:51
I felt this 💪🏽 i was up 4k i could of sold too but i held on

ray***com01/13/2021 20:54

good stuff! glad to see others holding with me. you see the potential as well.


barbell_investor01/13/2021 20:49
Holding is the best thing to do...its only got room to go up imo

ray***com01/13/2021 20:53

agree. dont understand why people stress so much. the only way I could see people stress is if they are using bill money or money they actually need. if they are stressing that hard over money they don't need, investing may not be for them. ive had mini panic attacks too though to be fair. we all do. the psychology of investing is a good read.


786****22801/13/2021 20:49
My average is 1.21 😭

jar***com01/13/2021 20:51

Ouch. mine is below 1.00

ray***com01/13/2021 20:51

I've been there! with uavs last year lmao. and if i wouldn't have sold, I would be up 10k on it. but I took the l. I didnt want to hold a bag for months. it ended up skyrocketing to 8 bucks 7 or 8 months later. with this one though. 1.21 isn't bad. slowly avg down and you'll break even on bad days instead of go neg


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