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Date Updated: September 13, 2021

Welcome to use the Webull products and services (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Webull Products") provided by Webull Technologies PTE. LTD. Before you start to use the Webull Products, please read this Agreement and the "Webull Personal Information Protection Policy" and "Webull Data Quotation Disclaimer" carefully and fully understand the contents of each agreement, especially the clauses that limit or exclude liability. Please use the Webull products after confirming your agreement to this Agreement.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding the content of this Agreement, you may contact us by email “cs@webull.com” .

1. Data Access and Registration

  • 1.1
    Webull provides services to users through the internet and at the same time, users shall be solely responsible for:
    • a)
      preparing devices to connect to the internet, including but not limited to mobile phones, network service, and other indispensable devices for connecting to the internet;
    • b)
      correlative expenses at their own costs to get access to the internet, including but not limited to phone charges and any other network costs.
  • 1.2
    Users are recommended to register for a Webull account and thusly agree to:
    • a)
      provide personal information within the scope of the registration page;
    • b)
      guarantee timely and accurate personal information while continually updating registration materials;
    • c)
      accept Webull product information pushed through email or message by Webull Technologies PTE. LTD after successful registration and not to regard this information as junk mail or spam messages.

2. Description of Webull Account

  • 2.1
    The user shall become a legal registered user of Webull Technologies PTE. LTD after successful registration in the Webull application and will obtain a Webull account containing username and password, of which the proprietary right is owned by Webull Technologies PTE. LTD who reserves its right to reclaim the account in its absolute discretion at any time. The user owns the right to use and modify the account information in accordance with any requirement. If any liability incurred by the user in the account security, activities and behaviors with the user name shall be borne by the user. The user shall promptly notify Webull Technologies Limited of any illegal usage of the account or any security bug, and Webull Technologies Limited will make all reasonable efforts to guarantee safety of user information and have the right for further disposal.
  • 2.2
    The Webull account is for the registered user use only, who must agree that he/she will not provide, transfer or sell to any third party for use. In case of any breach thereof, Webull Technologies PTE. LTD, in its sole discretion, can terminate the corresponding registered account, have right to take measures in any form to forbid the behavior of unauthorized transferring of the account and retain the right to further refer to the legal approach to investigate legal responsibilities of relevant persons.

3. Terms of Use

  • 3.1
    Users shall agree to be legally bound by relevant laws and provisions set out by Webull Technologies Limited while using Webull:
    • a)
      Users must be subject to relevant international laws and regulations while transmitting data;
    • b)
      Users must comply with regulations and requirements of all Exchanges while using market data services;
    • c)
      Users must not use Webull for illegal use;
    • d)
      Users must not interrupt or disrupt Webull products or services.
  • 3.2
    Users agree to guarantee and maintain legitimate rights and interests of Webull Technologies PTE. LTD, its affiliates and the other users, and to pay for litigation costs incurred by using services beyond the service scope including any damages or indemnity fees arising from breach of terms of services.
  • 3.3
    Webull Technologies PTE. LTD and users shall be entitled to suspend one or multiple services at any time in accordance with practical situations and Webull Technologies PTE. LTD do not need to provide specified explanation to any third party. If not satisfied with services provided by Webull, users can take the following actions:
    • a)
      Ceasing to use Webull products or services;
    • b)
      Notifying Webull Technologies PTE. LTD to cease to provide services to this user;
    • After such action, the user’s right to use Webull services will be immediately terminated and since then, the user will not be authorized and Webull Technologies PTE. LTD has no obligation to transmit any unprocessed information or unfinished services to the user or the third party.
  • 3.4
    All market data, news and other information provided by Webull are free of charge at present but it is not guaranteed that services provided would not be charged in whole or in part in the future. Users can choose to continue or cease to use services in accordance with their own requirements.

4. Confidentiality

Webull Technologies PTE. LTD respects individual privacy of the user and acknowledges to keep information concerning personal identity and privacy strictly confidential and guarantees not to disclose to any third party about user’s registration materials and non-public content collected by Webull Technologies PTE. LTD while using services provided thereby, except the following situations:

  • 4.1
    Required by local relevant jurisdiction’s laws and regulations; Required by a third party to complete a transaction initiated by the user;
  • 4.2
    Situations related to the protection of Webull Technologies PTE. LTD Intellectual Property Right and other important rights of Webull Technologies PTE. LTD;
  • 4.3
    The username and password is illegally used per result of hacking or negligence by the user;
  • 4.4
    Emergency situations where public privacy and security at risk;
  • 4.5
    Other situations where Webull Technologies PTE. LTD determined to be necessary or subject to relevant provisions in this agreement.

You can read our Privacy Policy for more details.

5. Intellectual Property Rights

The intellectual property rights (IPR) including, without limitation, the trademark right, patent right, copyright, trade secret and proprietary technology of supporting hardware and software and contents of Webull (including but not limited to papers, pictures, archives, information materials, system architectures and product designs, shall be exclusive proprietary right of Webull Technologies PTE. LTD or other legal rights owners. Any person shall not use, modify, copy, broadcast and transmit in public, recompose, disseminate, distribute, publish, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble without authorization. If the user is about to cite or reprint the above-mentioned software, procedures or product contents, he/she must obtain in advance written consent of Webull Technologies PTE. LTD or other legal rights owners. If violated, users shall be liable for compensatory damages including but not limited to court costs and attorneys’ fees, etc.

6. Disclaimer

Webull data (including but not limited to market data from different exchanges, fundamental data such as financial reports, analysis data, corporate actions, news and etc.) provided on Webull mobile device applications, Webull websites and any other products and services provided by Webull and its affiliates. Webull data is not intended to provide financial, legal, tax or investment advice or recommendations. You are solely responsible for determining whether any investment, investment strategy or related transaction is appropriate for you based on your personal investment objectives, financial circumstances and risk tolerance. You should consult your legal or tax professional regarding your specific situation.

  • 6.1
    The Market Data and news information are provided by third party data service providers. Webull Technologies Limited has not been involved in the preparation, adoption or editing of Third Party Content and does not explicitly or implicitly endorse or approve such content. The Third Party Content Providers do not implicitly or explicitly endorse or approve the Third Party Content, nor do they give investment advice, or advocate the purchase or sale of any security or investment. Webull Technologies Limited and Third Party data service providers do not guarantee the accuracy and reliability thereof. Webull Technologies PTE. LTD shall not bear any legal liability to the user for any loss or damage arising from information delay, error or omission of such Market Data.
  • 6.2
    While Webull makes every attempt to provide accurate and timely information to serve the needs of users, but does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, timeliness or applicability of usage. Information provided thereby does not constitute any investment advice. The user shall be solely responsible for any risk or consequence arising from behaviors based on reading these contents and Webull Technologies Limited shall not bear any legal liability.
  • 6.3
    For malfunction of the user’s own network and devices, or for any delay, suspension or interruption of the Market Data disseminated by securities Exchanges or Third Party service providers result in information or record loss, Webull Technologies PTE. LTD shall not bear any legal liability.
  • 6.4
    For relevant service interruption or loss to the user, due to “force majeure”, Webull Technologies Limited shall not bear any legal liability.
  • 6.5
    For normal service interruption caused by system maintenance and update, Webull Technologies PTE. LTD will make all reasonable efforts to notify the user in advance and retain the right to suspend or terminate partial or whole network services without prior notice to the user; for any loss arising from service suspension or termination, Webull Technologies PTE. LTD shall not bear any legal liability.
  • 6.6
    While using Webull, the user shall choose a safe network environment and keep the password secret to prevent identity theft. For any action under correct password shall be regarded to be performed by the user him/herself, who shall take the full responsibility for all contents of actions and consequences, and Webull Technologies PTE. LTD shall not bear any legal liability.
  • 6.7
    Currently, we only provide market data to non-professional subscribers. By signing up and logging in Webull, you certify that you qualify as a "nonprofessional subscriber". Nonprofessional subscriber means any natural person who receives market data solely for his/her personal, nonbusiness use and who is not a "Securities Professional."
  • 6.8

You can read Webull Data Disclaimer for more details.

7. Improvement and Modification of the Agreement

Webull Technologies PTE. LTD, in its sole discretion, has the right to make modifications to this agreement at any time without notice, and will publish modified terms of the agreement on the company website(https://www.webullapp.com/) and within the Webull products. The continuing use of Webull after any modifications will constitute the users agreement to the modified terms and conditions of use. With regard to rights and obligations between users and Webull Technologies PTE. LTD, the modified terms of the agreement shall prevail.

8. Dispute Resolution

  • 8.1
    Any controversy or dispute arising within the service duration shall be referred to and finally resolved by legal ways in accordance with local laws and regulations.
  • 8.2
    or any dispute between the user and Webull Technologies PTE. LTD, both parties shall settle the dispute through friendly negotiation or arbitration. Otherwise, either Party could initiate a lawsuit through local court in the registration place of Webull Technologies PTE. LTD.

In addition to complying with Terms of Webull Service,you agree to use the market data in accordance with terms and conditions of the third-party data providers:
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September 13, 2021

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