Webull Community Agreement

Last Updated on June 24, 2023


  • 1.1
    Webull Technologies Pte. Ltd. and its affiliates ("Webull") owns and operates the Webull community (the "Community").
  • 1.2
    Children under the age of 13 are not allowed to use the Community. In addition, portions of the Community may require you to be 18 years of age or older, and you must be over the age required by the laws of your country to use the Community.
  • 1.3
    If you choose to use the services of the Community, you agree to abide by all of the terms and conditions of the Webull Community Agreement and any notices, announcements, statements or other similar content posted in or concerning the Community (collective, the "Terms").
  • 1.4
    Webull may change, add or remove portions of the Terms at any time by notifying you of the change in writing (including by pushing messages or by updating the Last Updated On date above). These changes will become effective immediately upon posting. It is your responsibility to review the Terms prior to each use of the Community.
  • 1.5
    If any of the terms and conditions of the Terms, or any future changes, are unacceptable to you, you may discontinue your use of the Community. Your continued use of the Community now, or following the posting of updated Terms, will indicate that you accept the changes or modifications to the Terms.
  • 1.6
    The Terms is deemed to incorporate certain terms of the Webull Terms of Service.


  • 2.1
    The content available through the Community, including all text, photos, images, audio clips, video clips, data, or compilations, but not including User Content (collectively referred to as "Community Content") is for personal, non-commercial use. All Community Content published or provided in the Community is copyrighted and owned or controlled by Webull or the party acting as a content provider. You will comply with all additional copyright statements, copyright information, or restrictions contained in the Community Content accessed through the Community.
  • 2.2
    The Community Content is protected by copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, database rights, and other intellectual or proprietary rights pursuant to local and international laws. You may not modify, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale of, reproduce, create new works from, distribute, perform, display (including framing and inline linking), communicate to the public or in any way exploit, any of the Community Content in whole or in part.
  • 2.3
    The Community Content is made available through the Community by Webull, but it should not be understood to represent the views or opinions of Webull, nor does Webull guarantee the authenticity or accuracy of such content.


  • 3.1
    You assure Webull that you have all the necessary legal rights and will not violate applicable laws or anyone’s rights when uploading, posting, or submitting any content (including comments, messages, text, video, audio, and photographs, collective, the "User Content").
  • 3.2
    You must always follow local laws and regulations. You agree not to use the Community to engage in any violations of relevant laws and regulations, and that you will comply with the following codes of conduct:
    • a)
      Do not upload, post, or distribute any User Content containing obscenity, pornography, violence, or terror in any form.
    • b)
      Do not upload, post, or distribute any User Content containing viruses, malware, or malicious code in any form.
    • c)
      Do not upload, post, or distribute any User Content in any form that may easily mislead other users to conclude that you represent Webull or have a particular connection with Webull.
    • d)
      Do not upload, post, or distribute any User Content that contains any person’s personally identifiable information or other confidential or sensitive information, including but not limited to addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, social security numbers or bank account information.
    • e)
      Do not make any statement or disseminate any information that is materially false or misleading.
    • f)
      Be polite. Do not threaten or abuse other users, use defamatory language, or intentionally post repetitive information that has no substance or meaning.
    • g)
      Show respect to other users. Communication will only flourish when our members feel welcome and secure. Do not use language that is or could reasonably be perceived to be abusive or discriminatory to anyone of a given race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, region, disability, etc.
    • h)
      Show respect for different perspectives. There are always different opinions in a community full of opinions and preferences, and Webull encourages discussion and debate; personal attacks will not be tolerated.
  • 3.3
    Without Webull’s prior permission, you may not release any advertising or marketing information in the Community, including:
    • a)
      Promotional or other similar materials containing information about sales, transactions, services and other promotions.
    • b)
      Active links that are commercial or promotional in nature, including QR codes.
    • c)
      Promoting benefits, rewards, games of chance or other similar methods to induce users to access outside platforms for commercial promotions of other goods or services.
  • 3.4
    You agree to grant Webull an irrevocable, permanent, free, non-exclusive, worldwide, transferable license to the User Content, including the right to use, replicate, publicly present, reformat, translate, excerpt (collectively or partially), distribute, edit, and modify.
  • 3.5
    You agree to be fully and solely responsible for the content you upload, post or distribute in the Community.
  • 3.6
    Webull does not pre-screen, screen, endorse or approve User Content. Although Webull is not responsible for and will not, nor is it able to, review all User Content, Webull reserves the right to block, delete, remove, or edit any content in violation of the Terms. All User Content solely represents the views or opinions of the individual Community user providing such content and does not reflect the views or opinions of Webull, its parent, subsidiaries, or affiliates.
  • 3.7
    You agree not to post, comment, private message or follow, like or capture data on your own or authorize or assist third parties to do so by automated means or with significantly higher frequency than normal users.
  • 3.8
    You agree not to commit any acts that affect the operation of the Community and disrupt the user experience.
  • 3.9
    User Content includes information made available through the Corporate Connect Service:
    • 3.9.1
      Through the Corporate Connect Service, participating public companies ("CCS Parties") will use a verified and tagged Webull Account to create certain User Content (with all such content being "CCS Information").
    • 3.9.2
      CCS Information is made available by the CCS Parties. Webull is no way involved in the creation or content of the CCS Information, nor does it explicitly or implicitly endorse or approve any CCS Information. The CCS Information does not constitute the provision of investment advice nor the advocacy for the purchase or sale of any security or investment. Webull does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or timeliness of any CCS Information. Webull bears no liability for any loss or damage arising from the delay, error, inaccuracy, or omission of any CCS Information.
    • 3.9.3
      You are solely responsible for the consequences of any of your actions or omissions based on or in connection with CCS Information, and Webull does not bear any legal liability for such actions. The Corporate Connect Service, including CCS Information, is subject to all applicable Webull policies and agreements, including but not limited to the Webull Data Disclaimer, and all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.


  • 4.1
    You understand and agree that the Community may contain links to third-party websites, resources, and advertisers (collectively, "Linked Content"). Webull does not control, guarantee, or have any responsibility for the Linked Content, including the accuracy, timeliness, integrity, legality, usefulness or security of such content. No provision in this Agreement shall be considered a Webull statement as to or guarantee of the Linked Content. The Linked Content provided through the Community does not mean that Webull has any sponsorship, endorsement, or association with the creator, owner or provider of the Linked Content. You agree that Webull is not directly or indirectly responsible for any damage or loss arising from the use or reliance of the Linked Content.


  • 5.1
    You should not treat any opinion expressed on or through the Community as investment advice or a specific recommendation to make any particular investment or follow any particular strategy, but only as a general expression of individual opinions posted within the Community. Webull makes no representations as to the completeness or accuracy of the views expressed by any users of the Community and is not under any obligation to correct or update any information or views expressed by its users.
  • 5.2
    The Community permits users to publish their own investment opinions, portfolios and/or investment performance. Such User Content should be deemed to represent only the opinion of that individual user. No information contained in any post by a user of the Community should be viewed as a recommendation that any particular security, portfolio of securities, transaction, or investment strategy is suitable for any specific person. In viewing such User Content, you understand that users may take positions inconsistent with the views expressed in their portfolio or content.
  • 5.3
    You acknowledge that there is always the risk of loss when following any strategy or investment discussed on the Community or by any user. Strategies or investments discussed may fluctuate in price or value, and the value of any investor’s investment may decrease, and they may get back less than invested. Such investments or strategies may not be suitable for you, do not take into account your particular investment objectives, financial situation or needs, and should not be considered as recommendations appropriate for you. You must make an independent decision regarding any investment or strategy. In evaluating and before acting on any User Content or information provided by another user, you should independently consider whether it is suitable for your circumstances and strongly consider seeking advice from your own financial or investment advisor.
  • 5.4
    You further agree not to advise any User personally concerning the nature, potential, value or suitability of any particular security, portfolio of securities, transaction, investment strategy or other matter.


  • 6.1
    Webull will collect, use, store and protect your personal information in accordance with the Terms and the Webull Privacy Policy.
  • 6.2
    The community is a public space. To protect your personal information and that of others, please do not upload any content onto the Community containing your personal information or that of others.
  • 6.3
    Webull reserves the right, at all times and in its sole discretion, to disclose any User Content or Community-related information for any reason, including without limitation (a) to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request; (b) to enforce the terms of any agreement(s) between you and any Webull-affiliated entity; (c) to protect the legal rights and remedies of Webull, its parents, subsidiaries, and affiliates; (d) if Webull, in its reasonable discretion, believes that someone's health or safety may be threatened; or (e) to report a crime or other offensive behavior.


  • 7.1
    If you breach any of the Terms, Webull may, in its sole discretion, take any one or more of the following measures, depending on the nature and severity of the violation:
    • a)
      Refusing to publish the relevant information that you upload;
    • b)
      Deleting and/or editing your published information;
    • c)
      Temporarily restricting or permanently prohibiting you from using all or part of the Community features; and
    • d)
      Permanently closing your Webull account.
  • 7.2
    If content you published is suspected of being illegal or in the furtherance of a crime, we may transfer it to the judicial authorities for their further handling. You will be solely responsible for any losses and other adverse consequences arising from these measures.
  • 7.3
    You can file a complaint about any content that you think violates these terms, either through the complaint function or by reaching out to customer service. We will review any complaint before taking any action.


  • 8.1
    Webull does not assume any responsibility for any content posted by users in the Community. The publisher of such content assumes full legal responsibility for any disputes arising from the content posted.
  • 8.2
    The content posted by you and other users in the Community only indicates the position and views of that user. It does not represent the position and views of Webull, nor does it mean that Webull provides any form of guarantee or warranty for the content.
  • 8.3
    Webull reserves the right to change, discontinue, or terminate some or all of the Community at any time, without responsibility or liability to any user or third party.
  • 8.4
    Webull may uses machine algorithms to categorize Community Content and User Content, the results of which are for informational purposes only and We do not provide any promises or warranties about the accuracy of the categorization. We disclaim all responsibility for any loss, injury claim, liability, or damage of any kind resulting or related to your use or relying of the categorization.
  • 8.5
    To the extent that any provision of these Terms conflicts with any agreement between you and any Webull-affiliated broker-dealer concerning your brokerage account(s) (an "Account Agreement"), the terms of the applicable Account Agreement shall prevail.

No content on the Webull website shall be considered a recommendation or solicitation for the purchase or sale of securities, options or other investment products. All information and data on the website is for reference only and no historical data shall be considered as the basis for judging future trends.

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